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170 flathead reasonable sustainable rpms

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  • 170 flathead reasonable sustainable rpms

    what is a reasonable sustainable rpm for a flathead 170. I don't want to hurt it on a long trip home. books have 2 different max torques one at 1600 and one at 2400 ? Thanks Much, J,.

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    While lower rpms are better, you should be good for sustained operation at 3000 rpm. Most of the Studebaker engines were tested st 4000 rpm for 100 hours continuous. I prefer 2300-2500 rpm for noise level, easy to do with overdrive.
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      The Champion (with the original babbit rod bearings) was the first US engine to survive 4,000 RPM for one hour.

      If everything is in good nick, you'll get tired of the noise before the engine hurts itself.

      jack vines


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        If the engine is not fully broken in, it would be a good idea to vary the speed.
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          Dave, I'm trying to get back in touch with you. we had computer problems. Thanks, John.