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Ahh to be young again:-)

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    Bill there is more to this story, he just "ain't" fessing up, that's all!


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      OK you guys started this, I will give you the Green Bay version ( a VERY short version) : Back in 2000 ( I am then 51 years old) I had just finished a complete rebuild / upgrade of my 1986 Jeep CJ-7 ( ALL new fiberglass body, fenders,doors,windshield & rear window frames,etc. the complete show stopping combination). Arctic White exterior with blood red interior & matching Simpson five point competition seat belts dress out the combination and of course I am togged out in my best Ron Jon's surf shirt with matching headband and VERY long wavy gray the picture?
      So I decide the time is right (it is only show build new ONCE), it is a beautiful sunny summer afternoon to take the Jeep on a top-less,door-less, windshield folded down cruse run on the hot streets of Green Bay. Do you see what is coming?
      It all starts out well for about 10 minutes,plenty of thumbs up, horn toots, cars cruising along side to check out my combination and workmanship and so on.......over a year and a half of dedicated hard work, ALL on the line for judgement and going well !
      Time for the drum roll and a call for"and here is your sign". I drive the Jeep up to the main intersection by the city hospital's and luckily I get a red light in my lane and then my luck gets even better a convertible pull's up and stop's RIGHT next to me (and there are four very stylish young gals in it ). I know that this location is a very long light so there is time for some conversation . The gals are asking some darned good questions about the Jeep and my ego - head - vanity are all in overdrive along the lines THAT I STILL HAVE IT & NEVER LOST IT. Just before the light changes, the gal driving turns to the other girls and says........."Boy, I wish MY grandfather was THAT cool !!!!!"
      'And so' as they say around here, I only thing I could do was turn the beautiful Jeep immediately for home, learn my lesson and sulk for a week .
      For Studebaker content, I use the Jeep for running down Avanti parts and Sunday (less than a mile from my house) up on a farm driveway hill, I for the first time spotted a 59 or 60 teal colored Lark hardtop with a nose high attitude (engine out??). Further investigation is set for Tuesday.


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        Love the update!