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  • Chapter near New Braunfels, Tx

    I've a friend who needs help with his 49 C Cab truck. I ask help for this man cause he's 89 yrs old. He has the spark and spirit but lacks a bit of da physical part. He's been national member for years. He enjoys driving his truck but low top speed has him a bit shy of getting on da interstate for fear of getting run over. I'd suggested an O/D trans. He wants to do that. I offer a 6 cylinder O/D that was behind my OHV 6 that was in my Champ. Wasn't long til removed da crack head 6 and replaced with 259 w/O/D. Told him he could have it but shipping would be awful.. He has a friend that live bout 60 miles from me and he came an got it. They were gonna meet in Memphis but dats not gonna happen. Says he'll get it there. I'm south of Nashville bout 40 miles and I can't run an Jump an go there and pick up trans, do it for him. As much as I'd like to. So I'm asking club members in His area to call him and set something up. Doesn't want anyone to work for free so not a charity deal. He is John Browning 830-318-0322. His Grandfather was a Studebaker dealer. He mentioned he's gonna join a local club, I told him none a those guy are gonna as knowledgable as Studebaker folk. So someone please make contact with him. Will be very encouraging for him. He's a funny guy and full a stories.
    Thank you in advance,

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    Mark Frank is who he needs to contact. Mark is located in central texas and works on Studebakers and has both new and used parts. Two,5four seven 22 seven seven 5 seven


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    The nearest chapter is the Central Texas Chapter, the president of which lives in Belton, about 90 minutes north of New Braunfels. Will second the information on Mark Frank - he also has a complete machine shop and can even bore blocks, etc . . .


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      Sadly, the Hill Country Chapter has been defunct for the last several years, but the 2 Marks are great resources. I have the truck OD trans & plenty of other trannies in stock here at the TX Studebaker Ranch here in Houston, BTW..
      Barry'd in Studes