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1960 - 1963 Lark Convertible Registry (New!!!)

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  • 1960 - 1963 Lark Convertible Registry (New!!!)

    Ever wonder how many Lark Convertibles are still on the road or have a question about your car. There is now a registry exclusively for 1960-1963 Studebaker Lark Convertibles. The registry and registration form are available on the SDC website. Register your convertible today.

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    Good Tip Dan, but never try to estimate how many of ANY Model remain, because the answer is Totally unknowable.
    But I won't lose any sleep over it, I just enjoy the ones we have.

    The GOOD News is; by Registering as many as possible, hopefully owners will have a few contacts for help with their Model.
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      Dan, emailed a filled out Registry form to you.

      Question for you: how did you link the .pdf list of the convertible registry to the Studebaker Registries page?
      Winston-Salem, NC
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      • dansct444
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        Through the SDC Webmaster. I emailed him an Excel list and he posted it.

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      Thank you for stepping-up and doing this. I will be adding a 1960 and a 1963 convertible to the list.
      In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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        How is the registry to be used and will it be shared by those who want to view it. The reason I ask is that I have seen other registries that have be kept just for the use of the registries, custodian without publication of the results, or backups process in place.


        • dansct444
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          All of the vehicle information gathered will be posted on the SDC Forum website for all to see. The only information withheld, to be shared within those registered, will be personal contact information.

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        I just went and checked out a 20 car Studebaker hoard. There was a 60 Lark convertible there, but I did not get the serial number. I ended up with just one of them, a 1939 Commander. If I happen to get back there, I will get the number for you.
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