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Gas cap for a '76 Avanti II?

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  • Gas cap for a '76 Avanti II?

    Hello everyone new to the group! I’m looking for as gas cap for a 1976 Avanti ll all Avanti site’s i have looked at only sell for 63 to 72 and auto parts stores around me aren’t much help!!! Thnx for any suggestions
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    Hi Dads 76 Avanti ll , welcome to the SDC Forum! I've modded the title of your post a bit - please be sure to be as descriptive in post titles as possible; this will help you get more responses!

    Cheers and welcome!@

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      A ‘76 would be a lead-free gasoline engine with a non-ventilated cap. I would think it might be a GM cap but don’t know it for a fact.
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        The cap is a common non-vented type available at your local auto parts store. Th only consideration is to find one that is not too "tall" as it will interfere with the gas door closing properly. The one that I am using works fine as long as I clock the handle to the proper orientation before closing the door.
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          Call Dan Booth to ensure the correct application.


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            Dads 76 Avanti II is new to the group, and he probably doesn't have Dan Booth's contact information. I just checked a copy of the 2018 SDC directory, and there's a Daniel Booth in Wixom Michigan. Is this the same Dan you're suggesting he contact? Please respond to my comment to confirm. If it is, I'll send Dads 76 Avanti II a Private Message with Dan's contact information.
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          Yes Mark L, that is the same Dan Booth, Nostalgic Motor Cars in Wixom. I have a '76 as well. When I bought it in January 2011, the top of the gas cap had been shaved to fit inside the gas door and be able to operate the gas door lock. I replaced the cap with one from a Camaro that had a plastic "keeper" on it that snapped into the slot at the bottom of the gas door compartment. When I had the car repainted, I had the lock removed so locking is no longer an issue. Dan is very informative and can help with any Avanti related issues.


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            Thank you, plwindish. I just sent Dads 76 Avanti II a Private Message with Dan's contact information.
            Mark L