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What is the value of a 62 Lark Wagon?

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  • What is the value of a 62 Lark Wagon?

    Asking for a non-car friend, here the info she gave me:
    No key found
    Possible seized motor
    Barn find condition
    I'm not sure what Studebakers sell for so I thought I'd ask The Forum.
    Thank you for any and all help!!
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    1. It gets said here a lot because it is true, a Buyer will pay what he believes it to be worth, based on his desire to own that Model, Power Train, Color and Condition. So the answer is an Unknown.

    2. Any Numbers given will certainly be "guesses", like mine: a "Nice" shiny one, without Rust with a V8 Engine, needing "Some" work like most, maybe $5 to 6,000.00 on the High Side.

    My experience is that a '62 Lark Wagon will bring quite a bit less than a '63 to '66 Wagonaire with the sliding Roof, see Number 1.
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      There are just too many variables regarding condition and appointments to give a reasonable value. Where is the car located? An inspection is really essential, but even that will not necessarily tell us what the value of any car is in this up and down market. The 1962 wagon is rare, which does not really equate to dollar value. Even though I own a 1960 wagon, I hesitate giving an opinion. However, I have a friend from Snohomish County who has two of these, and might be willing to give an opinion. I'll shoot him an email.



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        Non running project cars do not bring much $$$. Based on the scant description and assuming a V8 and not a rust bucket, I would guess around $2,000.
        Hagerty valuation guide has a 62 Lark Regal wagon with 289 valued at $3200 for a running, drivable car without any major issues such as rust. Please keep in mind that the valuation guides are just a good place to start.
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          In my area, there was a barn find complete car v8 auto non running listed for 2000 all winter and no takers. It is a 61. So this would suggest less than the asking price is the value.
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            There is a demand for these. Like many cars it's a matter of finding the right buyer. Demand can and most often is a condition of location and often times seasonal. In other words patience is a virtue. I would not want your friend to become upset because a new owner doesn't show up right away. This could be that rust free PNW, wagon, like the one I stumbled on almost fifteen years ago. There are people in the East would love to have what we have, but distance can be the limiting factor.


            I receive an email from my friend who owns two of these. I have sent you a PM with his comments and phone number.
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            Pictures? Can we see what this project looks like?
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