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1937 Studebaker story

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  • 1937 Studebaker story

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    Not much on the Studebaker, and I don't think much of the man for what he did to that car and his later car choices.

    Bob Miles
    My opinion and I am sticking to it


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      Yes, he was a little rough on cars. Sounds like growing up, they were "Easy come, Easy go".
      Tom Senecal Not enough money or years to build all of the Studebakers that I think I can.


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        Based on some of the numbers in the article (" 2018. He was 80 then.") he was born in 1937 or 1938, and he got the Studebaker in 1953 or 1954. I didn't make great decisions when I was 16, and my guess is that he was the same. Even though the pre-WW 2 cars that had not been replaced after the war ended might have still been considered daily drivers, based on the designs of the new cars that were available in 1954, the pre-war cars probably looked dowdy and not worthy to preserve in the eyes of a boy of 16.
        Mark L


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          I can't even imagine tearing down a beautiful car like the 37 President! We love ours and appreciate the original classy feel when we drive it.