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    Sometimes all the cosmic tumblers align, and you get to have all of your Studebakers in the garage for a night or two. In the center is a rust free '53 Commander body waiting to be built into a tribute to a La Carrera Panamerican race. It may be a while before that one's done. The '65 Daytona on the right is on jack stands and is getting the front suspension redone and a motor swap. The 283 is going by - by and a goosed up 327 out of a '67 Avanti II with a tubo 400, '68 GTO console with an original Hurst dual gate, his-n-her's shifter. It'll be down all summer for sure, so I got my '61 Hawk out of storage today. The old girl had been in storage since 2019. It was not intended to be in the barn that long, but it is one way to create the "barn find" look. Something went bad with the brakes while sitting for three years so I had to drive her home with the e-brake and down shifting the four speed. I've had the Hawk around ten years and have just never gotten around to doing anything with it other than the wheels and tires. I Plan to start going through it in steps to upgrade it mechanically. Grouping the tasks so that two people can get any upgrade completed in two weeks. That leaves two weeks to go to the two monthly nearby car gatherings and get other life projects done. Some tasks will get farmed out just because life is short and I want to get the car turned into a dependable driver. So in the next couple of days the '53 has to go to the barn so my loving wife can get her drive daily back in her spot. She has been very understanding of my Studebaker addiction over the decades so I try to keep her happy. I'll photo and post projects in the appropriate form as they're done. The order of events will be, a bath, brakes, a tune up and then exhaust, and then more. I attached photos to go with the story.


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    Looks like "boredom" will not be an issue for you for a while. Nice "barn find".
    Tom Senecal Not enough money or years to build all of the Studebakers that I think I can.


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      Well in Green Bay my Avanti has turned into a combination work bench & storage locker.........HOW does this stuff happen over the winter??
      Snow fairies ?


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        Have installed the intake adapters yet?



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          Great looking shop…Mike
          Mike - Assistant Editor, Turning Wheels
          Fort Worth, TX


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            Ref 3x2

            Nope...but they are getting CLOSER to the Avanti,
            I took them to the Green Bay Sessions car club meeting & the guys oo-ed & ah-ed about them.

            Did you hear about my oops in buying a 1955 Desoto Hemi block instead of a 63-64 Stude Full Flow ? My wife is telling ALL her friends about it....