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BaT featured this Volvo;

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  • BaT featured this Volvo;

    BaT refused to list my Starlight Coupe because they said it was a Studebaker.
    I don't get it and am kind of insulted.
    See this listing of my car:
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    Well I think the Amazon (122 for you guys) more looks like my Chrysler:
    Click image for larger version

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      That Volvo is cool and goes with the whole Volvos can't be killed vibe that those are known for. Despite the 400k miles, or maybe because of the 400k miles, it is very cool and would be fun to own and continue driving. Nothing against your car as it looks clean and well presented, but this car is a very worthy BaT listing.


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        Buzzard, when was the last time you submitted your car to BaT? If it's been a while you might want to consider trying again. They seem to have opened up to a greater range of cars recently.


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          Originally posted by Buzzard View Post
          BaT refused to list my Starlight Coupe because they said it was a Studebaker
          They were apparently having a moment of mental flatulence when they made that decision, or were choking on a cloud of it.

          Of course they took the Volvo, because it's ratty and has "patina"... That trend doesn't appear to be losing steam, with people owning nice cars going out of their way to make them look janky.

          Kinduva bummer, as Bring a Bank Vault seems to be one of the better venues for getting decent money out of a car.

          Whirling dervish of misinformation.


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            BaT will turn down cars that are currently being offered by other sellers. It's rare that you will see 2 larks or hawks at the same time. It's possible that there was a similar car being offered or had just been on their site. Resubmit. BaT has worked great for me and my Studebakers.


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              All of the Nice Studebakers that Matt B. put on BAT, his and Steven's, have done well and all were STUDEBAKERS !

              That makes NO sense, must have been a Bad week or contact Person.

              Good Ad on Cars-On-Line.
              But I would put that sentence about included Parts LAST, it makes it appear that the items After it are loose, not installed.
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                That doesn't jibe...BaT participants are generally complimentary of Studebaker and pretty well informed (some from here). It's a far cry from their old days on Potrero Hill.

                IMHO, your car would receive a lot of love over there...landmark design...dignified color...GLWTS!

                I agree with Rich - try again in a week or two - at present there are no Studebaker listings.
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                  I haven’t looked at this forum much in the past few weeks but checked in this AM.

                  The Volvo is a unique car with a really cool story. It is also being sold without a reserve. Those are the reasons why BaT accepted it.

                  Looking at Bring a Trailer, there have been 134 Studebakers listed for auction. 10 of those were my listings. BaT refusing to list your car “because it’s a Studebaker” is unlikely.

                  What most likely happened, is that they refused to list your car because they feel your reserve price was higher than what they think it will sell for.

                  It could’ve also been due to a lack of photos / information. My most recent BaT listing contained 155 photos. Your online ad for the ‘48 has 4.

                  How long have you had the car for sale? A year? Two years? And it still hasn’t sold?
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                    Error- internet glitch.
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                      I wouldn’t think asking $13,995 would be excessive for such a nice example. I certainly would not let it go for less.
                      Not enough pictures? They could have responded with “Send more pictures”.


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                        BaT sold 21,000 vehicles last year (60 new listings every day!) totaling $829 million dollars. That's an average price of $40,000. They make a 5% buyers commission on every sale so BaT made about $40,000,000 gross. They have so many sellers that they are literally backed up for months with committed listings.

                        Selling $10,000 vehicles would take the same effort and overhead. but then they would make 1/4 the money. Which model would you choose if you were BaT?

                        Because they have so many sellers scrambling for a slot to auction their car, BaT can be very picky. They want to insure the car will sell. That means no reserve or a reserve that is under what they feel the market is for the car. It means plenty of pro pictures and a complete description. If they have to work with the seller to get decent pictures or information on the car or if the seller holds to a reserve that may mean the car won't sell, BaT moves on to the next submission.

                        I think BaT is probably the best place for a seller to get the most for their car. IMHO cars generally sell for more than market value on BaT (although BaT is perhaps a big factor now in SETTING market value). If you also believe this and it is the reason you want to list on BaT, then don't let the lack of a healthy reserve prevent you from submitting a car. It will likely exceed market value and sell. It may not be the price you think the car is worth, but that's a whole different story.

                        BaT does accept a few lower priced cars with a good backstory and are interesting in some way, but generally their selection looks like a high end used car lot . It's tough to blame them. The math works a lot better for $40,000 cars than $10,000 cars.

                        I also miss the early days of BaT, but that ship has sailed. It's no longer the site to find interesting projects or low priced cars where you actually had to bring a trailer. There are sites like Barn Finds that now do this, however.

                        BaT is what it is. A great success story...but not everything for everybody.

                        Dick Steinkamp
                        Bellingham, WA


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                          I thought BAT only sold Ferraris and Porsches
                          D 'N Q RACE ENGINES


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                            Originally posted by Dwain G. View Post
                            I thought BAT only sold Ferraris and Porsches
                            Ultra-rare vehicles as well - back in December, a 2003 Ford Excursion sold for $100,000 . . .

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