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  • Seeking Dealer Memoribilia

    Though I now own a 1952 Studebaker Land Cruiser originally sold by Sanchez in Long Beach California, my original Studebaker was a 1952 Commander purchased at Dohm and Kerr Motors of Princeton New Jersey. It was the car my parents drove me home from the hospital in, after I was born. We kept that car until I was eight years old, so I remember it well.
    My father did not allow advertising on his vehicles so no car we had, ever had a trunk slug, or license plate frame, or anything of the sort.
    I know quite a bit about the dealership because I asked my father. It originally opened in 1939 as Kenneth M Dolton Studebaker, at 140 University Place, Princeton.
    My father bought his first car, a 1950 Studebaker there. Junior Kerr (the service manager at that dealership) taught my father to drive. My father had never owned a car, and had no license. The reason he bought the 1950 Studebaker was that the dealership offered to include driving lessons and a trip to the DMV to get his license, with the purchase price of the car. Dealers of other marques did not, so Studebaker made the sale.
    He dated my mother in that (reportedly underpowered) car and married her in 1951.
    At some point between the purchase of his first car, and the spring of 1952, Dolton sold the dealership to his sales manager, Stanley Dohm, and WF Kerr Jr (that service manager who went by the name Junior). That is how it became Dohm and Kerr.
    Due to the poor power and braking performance of that 1950, my parents traded it in, in 1952, purchasing the car I knew.
    Dohm and Kerr remained a dealership to the very end of Studebaker. After that point Dohm got a salesman job at a hardware store on Nassau Street, in Princeton. My father remained friends with him as long as Dohm worked there.
    Knowing all of this, I tried to find some photos of the dealership (a building is at that address, but I have no clue if it is the same one that was there when the property was used to sell cars). I tried to find a picture of a promotional ash tray, key fob, postcard, rain bonnet, or even a license plate frame or advertising trunk slug.
    No luck.
    If they exist, somebody may have one.
    I don't need to OWN such an object. A picture of one will make me happy and fulfill my quest.
    Anyone have a Dohm and Kerr Studebaker, or any dealership automobilia from either incarnation of them?
    Someday I will go to the New Jersey State Library in Trenton, and find ads they placed in local newspapers. Until then, I am hoping that somebody has something.
    I would even be happy to see a picture of a surviving car with a build sheet that says it came from there.

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    Take a look here.


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      Look at THIS: Dohm & Kerr Motors Inc., (W.F. Kerr Jr., Sec. (Corp) / S.O. Dohm, Pres.) \ 140 University Place) Princeton, NJ (WAlnut 4-2187 (dealer since 1939) (c2) (1959 UPD Skip Lackey - 15122019)

      Gotta wonder what THIS is all about, we DO know Skip, but what is the rest?:
      (c2) (1959 UPD Skip Lackey - 15122019)

      United Press D?
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        I had not seen that item before, so I cannot explain it definitively. But I can offer a theory. Some time ago, I provided Bob Johnstone with some factory listings of active Stude dealers, circa 1959. As I recall, it was a complete listing of those in the Philadelphia Zone, which included much of NJ, Del, Md, and Pa. I suspect that little note is Bob's way of referencing the source of that item.
        Skip Lackie