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My 1964 Daytona convertible (Granatelli)

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  • My 1964 Daytona convertible (Granatelli)

    The time has come for me to part with my '64 Daytona convertible. It is 64V 18827 - the "Granatelli" car. It is listed in the '64 Daytona convertible registry. It was featured on the December 2013 issue of Turning Wheels. It won a First Place award in 3016 at the SDC International meet in Warwick, RI.

    Before I put this car on Hemmings, or Bring-A-Trailer or some other platform, I wanted to let SDC members know first.

    I know the next question is: How much? Truthfully, I have no idea. I can look up selling prices on '64 Daytonas but I'm not sure how valid that really is. There are so few data points and quality varies among them. Also, does the Granatelli provenance add anything? If so, how much? I don't know. The car is not exactly as originally shipped, but I think it's a pretty nice car. 289V8 Four on the floor.

    In the end, how much I think it's worth is meaningless. It's only worth what someone is willing to pay. I DO KNOW this....I'll never get out of it what I have into it.

    I'm really hoping this post won't come down to "name a price." I'm not going to put some stupid asking price out there either.

    I'm letting SDC members know first. If someone is interested, please PM me and I'll answer any questions I can. If no one in SDC is interested then at some point in the near future, I'll put it out for auction and see what the market brings.

    I have tons of pictures. The 289 V8 was rebuilt in November 2015 by Dana Hard at Custom Automotive Machine in E Weymouth. MA under the suggestion and supervision of Dave Thibeault - an SDC member and vendor. It had a high quality repaint in 2017.

    Please PM if you have interest in talking.

    Thank you.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    David Daoust
    Stratham, NH
    '64 Daytona convertible

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    It’ll be interesting to see what your car will bring ! I would think the Granatelli connection should add at least 10% to the price . I have a bourdou red one in similar condition that also may be on the market in the near future .
    good luck

    Home of the Fried Green Tomato


    1960 Champ , 1966 Daytona , 1965 Daytona Wagonaire


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      PM Sent. Bill


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        Very sorry to hear that David, I would love to see it return to the Pacific Northwest where you purchased it.
        I am the dummy who purchased the Strato Blue '64 Daytona Hardtop that was next to it, at the McDonald Auction 6/24/ 2001 and not the Rough but significant, Laguna Blue Convert that Russ Hagen bought, that is Now more beautiful.

        Of course my Car did turn out to be an unknown significant '64 also, being the Stude. Corp. Zone Office/Warehouse in Burlingame, CA Corp. Car and fully Loaded, which I definitely don't regret.

        Convertibles are JUST so Rare, Beautiful and Special though, being literally Hand Built in the Truck Plant on the SLOW Line.
        I Love it, good luck with your Sale.
        Second Generation Stude Driver,
        Proud '54 Starliner Owner


        • David Daoust
          David Daoust commented
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          Thank you Rich. I appreciate the kind words. I've put A LOT into that car in the years I've owned it.

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        David, Thank You for making the transaction so easy. This car is coming home to South Bend where it will be the stable mate to the 1984 Herb Adams Avanti GT.


        • 2R5
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          Enjoy your new ride ….I hope to have our 64 convertible at the spring swap meet , maybe they can park beside each other 👌