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    Just curious, has anyone ever actually reversed the body so that it was actually going the other way? A Bullet Nose with wrap around rear window perhaps? The starlight rear window might make an excellent windshield. The bullet nose could house third tail light and with the headlights converted to tail lights, might give it a '3 engine rocket' look. Surly with all the jokes, someone must actually have done it? Imagine the fun it would be at car shows!
    Rafe Hollister

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    My Dad always said you could'nt tell if they were coming or going.


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      Don't know of any that have been reversed, but many have taken two sedans and mated two fronts together; from '47 right through '51. I've never seen any done with a '52.

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        Hot Rod magazine showed a 59 Chevrolet in the San Francisco area that was set up with the body reversed, many years ago.
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          I saw this on Facebook, so not everyone will be able to see it. 1954 Chevy pickup backwards. And I don’t really get why.

          I hope this works.
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            Myth Busters did a Porsche 928 backwards to test streamlining/gas mileage. Porsche expert hired to do the job, Mike Allen, suggested simply putting it in a wind tunnel backwards, But MB wanted a freak. But it was one of their lamest episodes because they didn't get the body on quite rite and did nothing for air management to prevent wind flow under and thru the car, so test drivers had to deal with radiator heat and road debris. Proper air management would rout all wind around body, except what was necessary for cooling.
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              I remember seeing a picture of a 1933 Chrysler Six. I could not find the picture I saw but I did find this from Wikipedia.

              Prior to the Airflow's debut, Chrysler did a publicity stunt in which they reversed the chassis, placing the front axle and steering gear of a conventional 1933 model at the back of the car, which allowed the car to be driven "backwards" throughout Detroit. The stunt caused a near panic, but the marketing department felt that this would call attention to the poor aerodynamics of current cars, and send a hint that Chrysler was planning something big. The car that emerged was like no other American production car to date.

              ​​​​Carl Breer. along with fellow Chrysler engineers Fred Zeder and Owen Skelton, known as the Three Musketeers were designers of the Airflow. They were originally Studebaker engineers recruited by Walter P Chrysler when he was starting his own company.

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