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Studebaker / MCACN coverage by Diego Rosenberg

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  • Studebaker / MCACN coverage by Diego Rosenberg

    'Nice mention and photos of the Studebaker display at The 2021 Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals in Diego's report of the event:

    Also scroll on down for the Laguna Blue 1964 R1 Daytona hardtop in the Barn Finds area. BP
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    Wow. Great article. Thanks for posting Bob. I talked to Diego at the event for a while. He was very interested in hearing about our R2 convertible's history.


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      Pretty good Stude. coverage, I got quite bored though by the time I got past all those GM Cars to see the Real Deal; Studes and that good Project '64 Daytona Hardtop R1 Super Lark.
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      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        As usual... You're right on target!

        Thank You!!!

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      Great! Three Studebakers in that long list of cars at the show. Not bad. It is nice to see Studebaker getting some love. When I was young and driving Studebakers before I went into the Navy, we usually had to endure derision and the occasional outright insults out on the street. Until we cleaned their clock, that is. And that happened more often then was expected. Two successful races at five dollars a pop on a Friday night earned enough money for a full tank of gas and money for food for the weekend.
      Ed Sallia
      Dundee, OR

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        Thanks for the great New Years' post Bob.
        It is refreshing to see our favorite marque getting it's rightful recognition.
        Happy New Year!


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          Thanks for posting this Bob and I’d say Diego has learned about Studebaker Performance because of the Pure Stocks by watching and being the Event Announcer as well as becoming our friend . He did a good job on the facts and appreciate the recognition he gives Studebakers at MCACN and would have been nice to see Justin Coles 53 that was in the Lobby included because Bob Ashton wanted to focus on Young People involved in the Hobby so the typical 20k attendees could see it . I already have my rooms reserved for 2022 and working on the Studebaker line up and Anne and Eddie have begun restoration on their 1964 Daytona in the Barn Finds .,


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            Halibrand1 thanks for that. I had a feeling it'd get overlooked but that's ok. I was too busy enjoying the show and talking to y'all I didn't get to spend much time telling the story of the car. But I had the best time ever and wouldn't change anything. Can't wait to see what you arrange for next year!