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1949 2R5 truck restoration.

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  • 1949 2R5 truck restoration.

    My brother in-law wants to restore his father's pick up and would like information on Studebaker truck restorers close to Iowa. He also wants information on obtaining a title. He bought this truck from his father's estate but was unable to find the title anywhere in his father's belongings. I cautioned him about spending any money until he gets a clear title in hand. After this he wants a full restoration to stock. I told him to join the Studebakers drivers club and he is in the process of becoming a new member. Any advice he could get on the restoration and obtaining a clear title would be appreciated.

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    Every state handles titles and registrations differently, so hopefully someone from Iowa will respond. But the attorney handling his father's estate might be able to request a duplicate title in the father's name. Then the attorney could sign it over to your BIL.
    Skip Lackie


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      Any updates?