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1928 President In Fort Worth 1-24-1929

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  • 1928 President In Fort Worth 1-24-1929

    Wes-Tex Studebaker was honored to be visited by this Studebaker promotional tour in 1929. Imagine driving 30,000 miles in this car on the Atlantic City Speedway. The dealership building is apparently long gone, the speedway is long gone and I wonder where this car is today. And the 3 men in the front seat look like they used shoe horns to get in.

    Since the picture is dated 1-24-29 I assume the cars in the dealer showroom are 1929 models?

    Great times for Studebaker

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    The location where West Tex Auto Sales in Fort Worth is now the location of the Bass Music Hall…Mike
    Mike - Assistant Editor, Turning Wheels
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      That's stopping only to change drivers and add fuel, while averaging more than 60 mph for over 438 consecutive hours (18 days).
      And folks are now afraid to take them out if it's raining.
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