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industrial engines?

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  • industrial engines?

    Did Studebaker ever sell any industrial engines?
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    Studebaker sold 'crate engines' for decades, end users employed them as they chose.
    The Studebaker Champion 170 six was quite popular with boat builders. And I wouldn't be surprised that various Studebaker engines were purchased to power CD sirens and sawmills as well as for various military applications.


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      Perhaps 'quite popular' was an overstatement. My Studebaker crazy father owned an early inboard that had a Champion 6 replacement for the original Gray Marine whatever.
      Used to play in when I was a kid, and grew up with it parked out back. We never did get it launched.


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        If Ever, there was a Niche Market SOMEWHERE: Saudi Arabia, South America, Africa, USA you name it, for Specialized Vehicles: Commercial, Military etc. Studebaker would fill it!

        So it would not surprise me that Engines would also be sold if needed.

        Back in the early 1950's there were quite a few Champion Engines for Weasels being sold off from Surplus Military material Co's. In Fully Cosmoline or Wax coated Boxes and packed for overseas waterproof shipment.
        I still have the waterproofed Gasket Set from one Engine Dad bought.
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