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Seen at Motor City Garage The Secret Studebaker-Porsche Connection

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  • Seen at Motor City Garage The Secret Studebaker-Porsche Connection
    Money may not buy happiness, but it's more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.

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ID:	1917369 It's a fascinating connection between these two companies. One of the articles I read talked about how Porsche ultimately used the profits from this failed sedan to build their first factory. And that max Hoffman was close to an agreement to have Studebaker market and sell the Beetle but Studebaker didn't think it's sell or maybe they didn't have the money; I can't remember which. But either way a huge failed opportunity.

    what's even more interesting is that Butzi Porsche worked for Loewy during this time along with Count Albrecht von Goertz and they ultimately returned to Porsche where Butzi designed the original 911 before starting Porsche Design which resembled Loewy's design firm. I've seen very early concepts of the first 911 and the resemblance to the 53 Stude was unmistakable even. But Loewy didn't want Porsche talking to clients for fear he'd steal them so Porsche went back to his family firm.

    Studebaker also styled the 53 Starliner after the Porsche 356 and once you Click image for larger version

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ID:	1917374 see the connection it's hard to unsee. The front end and rear end are very similar. At the car show I go to almost weekly, the Porsche guys give me the most comments about my cars of anyone followed by Ferrari guys. It's fascinating to me. The Porsche guys love it but don't know why.


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      Quite well known:

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        Note that the picture in post #2 of two 1953 Studebakers shows both a C/K and a sedan.
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