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1953/54 Station Wagon Production Figures?

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  • 1953/54 Station Wagon Production Figures?

    Does anyone have the numbers on how many 1953-54 Station Wagons, Ambulets, Hearses (or other permutations)that were produced back then? Were they factory made or, done by an out-side source? What's the history on these?

    Check-out the 1954 Commander Ambulet owned by: Stephen Lichtman on page 42 of the Jan. '09 Turning Wheels!! And, a friend-of-mine just bought a '53 Commander Station Wagon (we think)?

    I would also be interested in the exported versions... You Guys' in Australia seem to have some very COOL cars!!! I love your' pics on the '53 photo blog...

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    I dont think there were any 53's.That ambulet is stunning in person.I personally thought it would score much higher than it did (though I must interject here I am certainly no expert on these or any car).Steve


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      Steve, that ambulet is a variation on the Conestoga Wagon. They only built the Conestogas in 54-55. I have seen one with a 53 C-K front end grafted on. The front sheet metal is normally the same as a sedan.


      Pat Dilling
      Olivehurst, CA
      Custom '53 Starlight aka Stu Cool

      Pat Dilling
      Olivehurst, CA
      Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

      LS1 Engine Swap Journal:


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        pictures of 54-55-& 56 wagons Studebaker made 11,774 54 Conestogas in 1954 (aug 77 turning wheels)

        101st Airborne Div. 326 Engineers Ft Campbell Ky.


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          Bob, (clonelark) that is a pretty rare sight to see all three in a row, albeit fuzzy when enlarged. [^]
          Second Generation Stude Driver,
          Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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            I was 'educated' by a good Studebaker and professional car guy that there were NO '53 wagons produced.Wish I could have seen the Ambulet in person;I got to Lancaster too late....


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              From the Standard Catalog of American Cars, 4th Edition:

              1954 (First Year for D Body 2dr Wagon)

              Champion Deluxe 15G D3 - 3,910
              Champion Regal 15G D5 - 3.074

              Commander Deluxe 5H D3 - 1,912
              Commander Regal 5H D5 - 2,878

              1954 Total 11,774


              Champion Deluxe 16G6 D3/4 - 3,517
              Champion Regal 16G6 D5/6 - 1,372

              Commander Deluxe 16G8 D3/4 - 4,280
              Commander Regal 16G8 D5/6 - 2,516

              1955 Total 11,685

              Introduced mid year 1954, the Ambulet body was a $60 option, according to the source.


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                I've seen Steve's car up close also.
                Nicely done.

                Note - the body was not changed to make the Ambulet...other than poke some holes for lights and sirens to attach thru. A split back seat, a sheet metal ramp between the tail gate and the floor so the stretcher wheels don't get cought in the big gap.
                Obviously switches for the lights and noise makers.

                Any division on the quantity of ,flat vs. curved windshield models?

                I've got a 54 Champ Conestoga...turning into a Commander, and a late 55 Commander.



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                  There is no breakdown of early 1955 vs. Ultra Vista models in the production figures in the Standard Catalog. Thus the D3/4 & D5/6 designations before the total for the year numbers.

                  According to the catalog, the $60 bought you only the interior modifications for the Ambulet. Siren, beacon lights, and cots were an extra cost on top of the Ambulet option price.


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                    I can't thank you'll enough for all this great information! $60 ('50 bucks) for the basic option seems soooo cheap, in todays world, doesn't it??? But, the history is what my friend Ron and I needed to know. Soon, I'll post the body numbers and, we'll sort this out. I think it's a very cool find! We're both excited about it, anyway...


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                      quote:Originally posted by wolfie

                      That ambulet is stunning in person.I personally thought it would score much higher than it did (though I must interject here I am certainly no expert on these or any car).Steve
                      The '54 Ambulet is mine, thanks for the compliment. I'm a paramedic, ambulance fan, and a Stude fan. I've been looking for one for 20 years and finally found this in 2006.

                      I do know why it didn't score higher, two things: 1) the engine compartment has not yet been redone or detailed, so it's got its share of dust/rust/chipped paint, as well as an obvious weld where part of the inner fender was replaced, and 2) the rear bumper is rusty and losing its chrome, needs to be rechromed or replaced. So it's almost done but I've got a few more things to do someday. Anyway, I was pleased as punch that it won 3rd place, I never expected that!

                      As mentioned, the Ambulet was produced in the factory, with the stretcher, split seat, lights/sirens, window decal, etc. as factory options. Ironically, of all the ambulances produced, all others were manufactured by coachbuilders or outsourced, only Stude actually made an ambulance in the factory!

                      Stude wasn't the only one to create an unusual model name for their ambulance. The most unusual name goes to Rambler, their wagon ambulance (ordered from a Rambler dealer but manufactured by the Automotive Conversion Corp.) had the model name of....ready....the Rambulance![:0]