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What were you doing in the 1950's??

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  • What were you doing in the 1950's??

    I was in grade school from 1955 until 1963, in high school from 1964 to 1967, then went to college for two years with my mom's '57 Silver Hawk. I didn't realize what a great part of my life was then..til now.

    Here is a link below included a photo of '55 Studebaker. Cool!!!


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    I was just being born in the 50s.



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      I wasn't born till 61. I enjoy lots of modern things, but have always felt I was born 1/2-1 generation too late

      Robert (Bob) Andrews Owner- Studebakeracres- on the IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys!)
      Parish, central NY 13131

      "Some people live for the rules, I live for exceptions"- 311

      "Do they all not, by mere virtue of having survived as relics of a bygone era, amass a level of respect perhaps not accorded to them when they were new?"


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        quote:Originally posted by bams50

        I wasn't born till 61. I enjoy lots of modern things, but have always felt I was born 1/2-1 generation too late
        X2 except I was born in '64...

        Tom - Mulberry, FL

        1964 Studebaker Daytona - 289 4V, 4-Speed (Cost To Date: $2125.60)

        Tom - Bradenton, FL

        1964 Studebaker Daytona - 289 4V, 4-Speed (Cost To Date: $2514.10)
        1964 Studebaker Commander - 170 1V, 3-Speed w/OD


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          I attended both high school & college in the '50s. High school from '51 to '55, then college from '55 to '59. While in college, I had my first car, a '40 Studebaker Champion business coupe.

          '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
          '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
          Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club


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            I didn't arrive in the 50s until July, 9 months after my Studebaker. It's my signature, which doesn't include me.

            '50 Champion, 1 family owner


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              I am a 63 model. kinda like bams, I think I was born to late

              Take Care

              George o


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                In the 50s i had a 51 olds in the 9th grade.In 1955 my family went on
                a road trip to California & back to NY.In the later 50s i went to
                High scool,there was a small building were some of the classes were
                held the basement was roomed to be a old Jail it was always locked.

                Atlanta Ga.


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                  1971 for me.


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                    Steven : I was doing exactly the same as you, except in my case, just move everything up one year. From '59 to '62 we also had a '57 Silver Hawk, but ours was white with the darker Glendale Green on the bottom.
                    Actually, I spent the '50's dreaming about Studebakers (at least my life is consistent!) as Dad had a '53 Champion before the Hawk.

                    Roger "153624" Hill

                    55 Champion
                    47 M-5
                    Izzer Buggy
                    Junior Wagon
                    Roger Hill

                    60 Lark Vlll, hardtop, black/red, Power Kit, 3 spd. - "Juliette"
                    61 Champ Deluxe, 6, black/red, o/d, long box. - "Jeri"
                    Junior Wagon - "Junior"

                    "In the end, dear undertaker,
                    Ride me in a Studebaker"


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                      I was born in 1952 and don't remember too much from the '50s....

                      1950 Champion 2 Dr. Sedan

                      1949 Studebaker 2R5 half ton pickup...


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                        I graduated from High School in 53 and bought a 48 Champion Starlight, that was all decked out with spot lights, fender skirts, visor over the windshield, and curved crome visors on the doors over the door windorws. The car was purchased shortly after the first of the year.

                        Started my first year of collage the next fall at the University of Denver and drove the Stude down there. I was majoring in accounting and had streight A's in that field, but during my third quarter I decided that I didn't want a job sitting behind a desk with a coat and tie, which was the way then, so I droped out.

                        The next fall I switched to engineering at Montana State. While there I traded the Studebaker off for a 49 Mercury Club Coupe. Gtraduated in 58 and moved to my first full time job at Chinook, Mt.

                        Spent the remainder of the 50's at Chinook and moved to Browning, Mt in the spring of 60.


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                          I was born in '52 also. That's why I like the SDC-makes me feel young sometimes!! Learned to drive in my grandmas Hudson though,makes me feel old. They don't make those anymore either,do they? In Canada maybe?[8D]

                          Anybody that drives faster than me is a maniac.Anybody that drives slower than me is an idiot.


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                            Born the same year as Bams50,(1961).
                            Earliest car memories: Cheapest gas price in NYC $.33/ Gallon!
                            The guy on the next block would show off his collection of Model T's to the kids every Sunday, if you went to church first.
                            Taking rides with my brother to the 24hr auto parts store (163rd st. & 3rd. ave. South Bronx), all hours, so he could buy parts for his '63 Impala. He'd use me to sit in the car to avoid getting a ticket!


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                              I started the '50s in grade school, bought my '50 Land Cruiser in 55, my '53 coupe in '59, while wasting time in college.

                              Tom Bredehoft
                              '53 Commander Coupe (since 1959)
                              '55 President (6H Y6) State Sedan
                              (Under Construction 571 hrs.)
                              '05 Legacy Ltd Wagon
                              All Indiana built cars