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  • Iowa or nearby...

    I posted this in a previous thread but wanted to check again in case it wasnt read. There was a (quite horrible really)Lark in Iowa I am interested in but being here in Virginia cant just go get and it sure isnt worth shipping. I was hoping someone might be close enough to help secure it and one way or another get the brakes done so I could take her home. Expenses covered of course. If interested email for details or post.



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    Iowa is a pretty big state. What part of Iowa is it in?


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      Sorry, I should have said, it is Garwin, looking at the map it looks right near center.


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        Think it over carefully, having brought back a bunch of them. You may fix the brakes, get 50 miles a lose a fuel pump, go anther 100 and find the oil hose blew and so on. I've fixed a dozen items before I can leave the garage on a car that's sat for even a few years.

        JDP Maryland


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          JDP is right.

          What he suggests are only things that need fixing. What if a rusty brake line lets go, etc.

          Call U-Haul, rent a trailer in Iowa and tow it home. Could make a nice vacation sometime later in the year.

          Otherwise, I'd find the cheapest trucking company and ship it home.

          JMHO, Bob


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            Sorry, it's quite a ways from me, and the temp right now is about -5, supposed to be -13 in the morning. It's going to warm up this weekend, though, they predict 20 degrees for a high on Saturday. How soon do you want this thing anyway?


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              Originally posted by ISpy
              "There was a (quite horrible really)Lark in Iowa I am interested in..."

              Hank, If you want a horrible Lark, go get this one. It's a lot closer to you, seriously.



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                Thanks for the replies, they are much appreciated. This is probably the last thing I need to put on my plate but the devil in my ear temps me so...While it is 8 shades of ugly it is a whole lot better off than that convertible.