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  • Studebaker News dealer list and more

    I have listed another issue of the Studebaker News dealer magazine on Ebay at:
    This is the March 1960 issue and it has lots of interesting stuff including this bit on the rail shipments by the Burlington RR:

    It also has a list of dealers and their anniversaries. As I have done in the past I am providing that listing below with the anniversaries for anyone who may be interested.

    March 1960 Studebaker News

    40 Years (Started 1920)

    Hassinger Brothers Garage - Milton, Pa

    35 YEARS (started 1925)

    Consentino Motors, Inc. - Seneca Falls, NY
    Brazos Motor Co. - Bryan, Texas

    30 YEARS (started 1930)

    McAllen Motor Co. - McAllen, Texas
    Leonord W. Rhodes - Jamestown, New York
    Maffe Brothers Inc. - Bellaire, Ohio
    Rhyne Motor Co. - Brazil, Indiana

    25 YEARS (started 1935)

    E. W. Robbins Sons - Bloomsburg, Pa.
    Fisher's Service, Inc. - Ely, Nev.
    Empire Motors, Inc. - Billings, Mont.
    F. W. Lute Automobiles - Hammond, Ind.
    Maxey & Donnelly Motor Co., Inc. - Nashville, Tenn.
    Bush Motor Co., - Pocatello, Idaho
    Hartsock Motor Service - Warsaw, Ind.
    Pearson & Knowles - Newberg Oregon

    20 YEARS (started 1940)15 Years (Started 1945)

    Champ Auto Sales, Inc. - Opelousas, Lo.
    Russell Motors, Inc. - Cincinnati, Ohio
    Bouillon Motor Sales - Chicago, III.
    Lex Chamblin & Sons - Meridian, Miss.
    Knight Auto Sales Co. - Bangor, Me.
    Danigard Motors, Inc.- Yonkers, N.Y.
    Eradri's Sales and Service, Inc. - Meriden, Conn.
    Victory Motors - Savannah, Ga.
    Lewis Motor Co., Inc. - High Point, N.C.
    Hudson-Starr Sales Company - Hickory, N.C.
    Gene's Auto Service - Fairbanks, Alaska
    R.E.B. Blanton Inc. - Richmond, Va.
    Wassaic Sales - Wassaic, N.Y.
    Hatcher Motor Co. - Lookout, W. Va.
    Lloyd Pearson - Pasadena, Cal.
    Albert & Adams Motor Sales - Marion, Ohio
    Haskins Garage - Gallipolis, Ohio
    Bevan Motor Company - Hutchinson, Kan.

    10 YEARS (Started 1950)

    Walden Motor Co. - Booneville, Miss.
    Tillman Motor Company - Millbank, S.D.
    Watkins Motor Company - Washington, Ind.
    Paul O. Johnson Motors, Inc. - Lafayette, Ind.
    Stark Bros. Motor Sales - Phillips, Wis.
    Park Auto Sales - Newton, Miss.
    Don Zeman Auto Sales - North Bergen, N.J.
    Aust Mo
    Richard Quinn
    Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review

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    Mr. Quinn, does the magazine give any info on the dealers listed? The last dealer on the 1945 list is the dealer that sold my car to my folks, and I haven't been able to find any info on it. Bevan in Hutchinson, KS.

    '50 Champion, 1 family owner


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      Bob; While it has some photos of various dealerships with owners accepting awards Bevans is not one of them. At least you know that they received their franchise in 1945. Other data is available through the Studebaker National Museum. A copy of the dealer franchise card can be reproduced and mailed to you for a fee. While they have thousands of dealership photos they are not filed in a manner that can be easily retrieved and in fact it may take days or weeks of non-stop searching!

      Richard Quinn
      editor: Antique Studebaker Review
      Richard Quinn
      Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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        "Chester Palmer - Roseville, Calif."

        That's the dealer where my 'Baby' was sold new-

        I've got the build slip (and plate frame) to prove it...

        TOO COOOL!!!!

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        StudeDave '57
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        San Diego Chapter SDC
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          I'm sure our Paul Johnson here on the forum is glad to know there had been a Paul Johnson Studebaker in Lafayette IN since 1950. ('Too bad it was gone by the time I arrived in West Lafayette to attend Purdue in the fall of 1967; I don't remember finding the place, or even knowing where it was![V]) BP
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            R.E.B. Blanton Inc. - Richmond, Va. was bought by David R. McGeorge and is now David R. McGeorge Mercedes & Toyota.

            Leonard Shepherd


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              quote:Victory Motors - Savannah, Ga.
              My granddad's '65 Daytona two door was one of two such cars sold new there in 1965. Mr. Burke, the dealer mechanic (and factory trained automatic transmission man) was a member of our chapter, and passed away just last year.

              Matthew Burnette
              Hazlehurst, GA


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                In the 1940 list it has Ware Motors - Alva Okla. listed twice. was that a mistake or maybe two different dealers. Best i remember of Alva around 1975 it was just a very small town, maybe 2 blocks long.

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                  I am sure it was just an error in the listing. Better to have one listed twice rather than not at all!

                  Richard Quinn
                  editor: Antique Studebaker Review
                  Richard Quinn
                  Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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                    Richard - I notice there are no listings for dealers outside the USA (e.g. Canada)... I assume those dealers would have been listed somewhere else?

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                      Mr. Quinn: It is interesting to know that Maffee Brothers, Inc. dealership in Bellaire, OH started in 1930. The original owner took delivery of our car on January 31, 1963. I do not know what took place with the dealership after Studebaker ceased production.

                      Niantic, CT
                      1963 Avanti R2524
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                        Bob; I was at the Maffe Bros dealership in the '70's and they were still in business. I bought quite a few parts and some literature from them. I have a nice photo of the dealership taken in the Spring of 1940 with lots of new 1940 cars out front. If you are really anxious to see it I could post it.

                        As for the Canadian dealers The News would occasionally list those but I don't remember seeing them incorporated with the U.S. dealers. I think they may have had a Canadian version for a while. I do have one copy of the News that features the Canadian dealers.

                        Richard Quinn
                        editor: Antique Studebaker Review
                        Richard Quinn
                        Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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                          My father and uncle owned E.W. Robbins & Sons in Bloomsburg Pa.
                          Click image for larger version

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                            Originally posted by rrobbins404 View Post
                            My father and uncle owned E.W. Robbins & Sons in Bloomsburg Pa [ATTACH=CONFIG]66243[/ATTACH]
                            That M-series is rather interesting with the chrome along the sides of the hood and into the door. Very uncommon.



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                              here's the business now: tire store.