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  • Studebaker Truck Farmers - Update

    As of today, we have 322 Studebaker Truck Farmers.

    As a reminder what that means to all of us,

    Studebaker Truck Farmers

    Started originally by Chuck Naugle of Arizona quite a number of years ago and widely seen at car and truck meets, some of the 35 Original Studebaker Truck Farmers were getting long in the tooth or just tired out and staying close to home, and some are gone on to be with Clement, Peter, Jacob, and John M. now.

    Some of us thought it was time to jumpstart the group again, and are in the process of adding new members to the list.

    Who are the Studebaker Truck Farmers?

    We are just a happy bunch of Studebaker truck fans that want to promote the awareness of our great marque. Studebaker Truck Farmers take every opportunity to let others know about SDC, and let others see their vehicles running down the road, and/or at local, regional, or international meets.

    They are at times known by their unique clothing such as red farmer bandanas, straw farmer hats, and light blue work shirts (short or long sleeve). Some even wear blue denim farmer bib overalls and 3" Studebaker Truck Farmers ID Badges.

    Any or all of that will identify you as a Studebaker Truck Farmer to other members, and to an admiring public.

    To be included in the STF group, No truck needed (although I personally am now looking for a truck based on interest generated by the Truck Talk Forum), Just a love for them and a pair of farmer style overalls if you have them and definitely a red bandana and a cool straw hat. Go buy your identifying clothing locally if you do not have same.

    Get on the list by email or regular mail to:
    Bob Feaganes
    PO BOX 147
    Newton Grove, NC 28366

    Join us for Studebaker Truck Farmer fun!


    Studebaker Truck Farmers
    January 9, 2008 - 322 members

    Aley, Kerrie
    Allen, Tom
    Arnold, Elaine
    Anderson, Doug
    Andrews, Bob
    Arnold, Sam
    Ash, Gary
    Baggett, David
    Bailey, Irv
    Barnett, David
    Barretls, Coreen
    Barrick, Bob
    Barth, Allen
    Bartholet, Mike
    Batka, Yvonne (Von)
    Batka, John
    Bealles, Chester
    Bealles, Ellen
    Beck, Wayne
    Beckman, Buzz
    Bedell, Gerald
    Bell, James
    Bell, Stephanie
    Benham, Gary
    Bergeron, Sandy
    Berry, Malcolm
    Bishop, Rob
    Blake, Steve
    Bocech, Kim
    Borowec, Frank
    Bond, Emery
    Bove, Nels
    Bowyer, Dan
    Bradfield, Chester
    Branchick, David R.
    Brown, P. W. (Wayne)
    Burkholder, Joel
    Burnette, Matthew
    Burton, Katie
    Burton, Mary
    Burton, Mike
    Bush, Steve
    Caldwell, Jim
    Carbaugh, Ron
    Mark Carter, Jim
    Campbell, Bruce
    Carlson, David
    Casey, L. J.
    Kyle Carlsten
    Emily Carlsten
    Carmer, Larry
    Carson, Mark
    Casey, Pat
    Castle, Bill
    Cavoli. Randy
    Chadwick, Carl
    Chappell, Robert
    Chmielewski, Claude
    Clemens, Dick
    Clements, John
    Coffman, Ken
    Colangelo. Frankie
    Cook, Fred
    Crabtree, Don
    Curtis, Brian
    Curtis, Barb
    Derosa, Eric
    Dandurand, Lewis
    Davis, Evan
    DeBono, George
    Derbidge, Dale
    Derbidge, Jay
    Derbidge, Linda
    Derosier, Paul
    Diffen, Greg
    Dillon, Kevin
    Dilts, Quinn
    Dilts, Rick
    Domer, Darrell Dean
    Driscoll, Patrick
    Drumheller, Frank
    Dudley, Rob
    Dunlap, Jim
    Dunn, Skip
    Dyck, Dave
    Ediger, Vern
    Eichof, Dick
    Elstad, Dean
    Emerick, Carl
    Emory, Alan
    Erickson, Judy
    Erickson, Russ
    Erickson, Ron
    Espie, Glen
    Eshleman, Ed
    Farmer, Douglas
    Feaganes, Bob
    Fedor, Kent
    Fensel, Lou
    Fergusson, Dennis
    Ferris, James
    Fichthorn, Ray
    Franks, Joe
    Fraser, Dan
    Freese, Al
    Frye, Terry
    Fuchs, Patrick
    Gahlbeck, Rich
    Gahlbeck, Mike
    Garbareno, Bob
    Glass, Ellen
    Glover, Randy
    Gonya, Greg
    Good, Rick
    Goodman, Anne
    Goodman, Bobby
    Goodman, David
    Grainger, Scott
    Grindinger, Dwain
    Grove, Bob
    Haas, Lance
    Haas, Ryan
    Hackney, Barry
    Hall, Gary
    Hallgren, Gary
    Harbit, Ted
    Harris, Phil
    Harrison, Tim
    Hartman, Loren
    Harvey, Frank
    Hawkins, B

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    Bob, just a heads up I'm missing from this list, I got added to the website list with photos of my trucks but seemed to escape this list. Don't want to throw off the count

    1953 2R5 frame off in progress and 1954 3R6 driver.


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      Got it, Matt


      [img=left][/img=left]Bob Feaganes (stude53)
      53 Starliner Hardtop
      Newton Grove, NC