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  • Digital Records.

    Anybody know if the museum has digitized the Production Records yet?

    I have a couple ideas for a search, but that would be extremely time consuming, if done manually.

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    That would be a monumental job, if done right. Is it your impression that they were starting the job?
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      Originally posted by Corbinstein0 View Post
      Anybody know if the museum has digitized the Production Records yet?
      Probably best to check with the museum! (574) 235-9714
      Winston-Salem, NC
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        No the production records have not been digitized and probably won't be in the near future.
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          I don't know about the rest of the production orders, but I had previously scanned all 4073 production orders for the 1956 Golden Hawks and created a 4073 page PDF file. I sent that to Andy for the museum's use. I believe all the production orders prior to around 1960 were put on microfilm. The later years must still be on printed pages. Unfortunately, the original production orders do not show the description for the individual accessories. One might list AC2354, but won't show, "Interior Glare Proof Tilt Mirror".

          There are Microfilm Conversion Scanners available to convert microfilm to digital, and companies that offer this type of service. Do a Google search on convert microfilm to digital to see the many offerings. One example is at: As for cost, one price I found on-line, as of April 2021, was $20 – 40/roll for 100′ rolls, and up to double that for 215′ rolls. I don't know what the output format would be, but I believe it would be some type of searchable file.
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