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C Cab Mounting: Spring Retainers

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  • C Cab Mounting: Spring Retainers

    I completed a small project on my lunch break today. I've been going thru the hardware needed to fix my cab mounts and came across, what the parts catalog refers to, a cup washer. It's used to retain the spring(s) on the cab mounting hardware "stacks." I'm sure some, if not most of you, are aware of the set up (I have a '51 2R10.) Out of the four cup washers I only had one that was in replicable condition (see picture: bottom most washer.) I could not find them anywhere (of course.) So I set out to make replacement parts.

    I used:
    • 0.031" shim stock for the material
    • Shim punch set for the dimensioning (also served as backside support while pushing the die thru)
      • I used two dies: approximately 3/8" for the center hole and 49/64ths for the overall size. I just used what looked close. I knew the overall would shring a bit and that the center hole needed to end up being ~5/8" after pressing the die thru. The bolt that feeds thru is 1/2"
    • A large scrap valve guide with the stem cut down used as the die
    • A MAP gas torch to heat up the material (dwelled for ~10 seconds on the material)
    I set the die in the punched hole and gently tapped the die thru until it bottomed out and looked reasonably identical to the OEM dimensions. I'm happy that I was able to source these using scrap material I had lying around.