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Anyone in Mount Juliet Tennessee can look at a car for me?

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  • Anyone in Mount Juliet Tennessee can look at a car for me?

    Is there anyone in the Mount Juliet area of Tennessee that would be willing to look at a Lark for me?
    Someone that knows these car and what to look at/for.? Look underneath. Take some pictures underneath and outside?

    any help is greatly appreciated.
    Im in Orlando Florida and would like someone to “put eyes” on before I possibly but and transport it.
    Orlando FLA

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    Looks like Mt Juliet is just east of Nashville, about 150 miles from me. A bit farther than I'd care to go, but maybe if nobody else offers.


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      It looks like a nice red 4dr 64 for cheap! Its on Facebook martetplace if anyone is interested.
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        I can probably go over to see it on Friday. Due to cleaning up from the flood damage, I just can't get there any sooner than that. If that would help, just let me know.


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          did you buy it?


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            Nothing since the original post 10 days ago. I wonder too if he bought it...

            As an aside, my wife and I ate lunch at a Cracker Barrel in Mt. Juliet last Monday on our way home from a 400+ mile trip. We live about 150 miles from there. I did not see a single Studebaker on our journey, though we did pass two auto transporters loaded with classic cars. Sorry no pictures.


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              mine is currently in Murfreesboro, but alas, I'm scared to death to drive it here. The kamakaze pilots we have for drivers here today would destroy it and probably me as well.


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                Hey Corbinstein0, when I lived there, all you had to do to avoid those nuts was drive in the right-hand lane as most cars, if not all we seen wandering around in the left-hand lane had Rutherford County tags, ha ! Since I lived there in the little blue house halfway between "the line" and Starwood, we seen a LOT ! I imagine it is much more crowded since we left in 96 tho', good luck.


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                  Yeah, I moved here in '96. Starwood is gone now. along with most sense. People here drive faster and crazier than their insurance allows, and it doesn't matter what lane. I see people passing on the shoulder, making left hand turns from the right lane, etc. etc. etc.

                  I live pretty much at the corner of 231 and I24. 231 is 4 lane all the way to shelbyville, I 24 is now 8 lanes all the way to Nashville. Still doesn't help, as there is a wreck every morning that scatters parts all over.

                  My saving grace is I work right across the street.