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  • “Dollar-store forum”

    I am of the opinion that in a democracy, if you are eligible to vote and do vote, then you are participating in the process and have done your part whether your candidate wins or loses. If you are eligible to vote and choose not to, you should not complain about the results because you had nothing to do with the election results by your own conscious decision.

    Occasionally I neglect to log in when I look at this forum. Because the system does not know it is me, it shows me posts of others who are on my “ignore” list. That happened yesterday.

    A frequent poster here described this forum as a “Dollar-store forum”. This person has complained in the past about the forum, but has also bragged that he is not a member of the SDC. SDC club members support this forum through paying their dues. The goal of the forum is to raise awareness of the Studebaker marque and I support the access provided to non-SDC members to participate.

    I also believe that if you are going to complain, you should put your money where your mouth is and join the club, pay your dues and you can complain to your heart’s content. I have been paying dues since 1977.

    Better yet, frequent poster, join the club, pay the dues (currently $27 for new members first year and $36 per year thereafter), volunteer to become a Moderator or even Webmaster and then you might be able to use your technological savvy to improve this “Dollar-store forum”

    Until then, my suggestion would be to take your opinions and all your posts and complaints to whatever other venue you want. You are obviously unhappy here.


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    Tom, in my opinion this is something that should have been sent to that specific poster in a PM. I don't know (and don't care) who the other poster is, but it's apparent that you have some animosity towards this person. But, respectfully, why drag the rest of us into y'alls p***ing contest?
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      I'm going to respectfully disagree with you on this one. This forum is the lifeline between the mainstream Studebaker world, as diverse as it often times seems to be, and the other side, represented by the Facebook crowd. The younger crowd seems to have a particular affinity for the Facebook format and it's seemingly incessant chaos. I have mentioned on these pages that I check into Facebook only occasionally. To put it bluntly I can only put up with it in small doses. When the occasion warrants, others on Facebook and I try to channel the uninitiated towards one of the three mainstream Studebaker organizations (SDC, ASC, AOAI). Many of the younger people in the facebook crowd are not joiners, for them they have to be given a reason for joining. To put it another way we have to earn their respect. Social media is the only way many of this generation communicates. I don't think cutting off access to the rest of the hobby is the right way to go.



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        The idea that to use this forum you have to join SDC has come up in the past and has never passed the initial recommendation. That said, our group in the forum on the whole is a tight knit group that sees the goal of helping one another and promoting the Studebaker cars and trucks.

        We have here a very small minority that could care less about our goals, much less own a Studebaker. They probably flit from forum to forum gas bagging and contributing to global warning by emitting large amounts of hot air. Most of the time they are prone to aggrandize themselves far beyond what they contribute other than to stir up manure.

        How can you tell them from the group? Well in viewing the forum over a period of time, they never mention their car, do not contribute to Tech Tips and use Stove Huggers as a megaphone. Again all this hot air. Usually I keep quiet but when provoked to the limit, I do respond not with the purpose of igniting a prairie fire but to try to put perspective on what they are doing.

        I have over the years found this to be helpful. Manure I avoid because it smells, attracts flies, and is unhealthy. If you stick your foot in it, you now have covered yourself in it and it takes time to clean off; that time could be otherwise spent in better pursuits.

        I have not put anyone on an ignore list. I am probably on some gas bagger's ignore list but that is okay with me. I have seen that when no one responds to their dung, eventually they disappear or get banned from the forum. If you try to respond with logic, save your fingers on the keyboard. No one will run me off the forum; I hope to continue to make our group stronger by my actions.

        Mark Twain said it best. " Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.”

        Bob Miles
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          Originally posted by 6hk71400 View Post
          The idea that to use this forum you have to join SDC has come up in the past and has never passed the initial recommendation.
          I certainly didn't get the impression Tom feels anyone should have to join the club to participate in the Forum.
          But his point about non-SDC members expressing negative comments is well taken. If one wants to criticize the club, its policies or its venues, ante up.

          "All attempts to 'rise above the issue' are simply an excuse to avoid it profitably." --Dick Gregory

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            Topic closed. I don’t see this going anywhere good.

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