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Military Exhibit at SNM

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  • Military Exhibit at SNM

    Hi everyone - Kyle here from the Studebaker National Museum. We are developing a new temporary exhibit in collaboration with our neighbors at The History Museum that will focus on military production in the South Bend/Mishawaka region. SNM has a wonderful collection of Studebaker-built military vehicles that we will highlight, but we are also looking for other items produced by Studebaker and other local companies--especially WW1-era. Some of these companies include Studebaker (artillery harnesses, headstalls, saddles, shell components, etc.) Singer Sewing Machines (artillery shells, shell components, fuses, etc.), Dodge Manufacturing Co. (ammo carts, power transmission equipment, etc.), Stephenson Underwear Mills (Union suits, undergarments), and South Bend Watch Co. (gun parts - especially sights). If anyone collects any military items that may fit the bill, or knows folks who do, please feel free to reach out!

    Thanks, and hope to meet some of you in person soon. The exhibit opens in June, so please come check it out if you are in South Bend.

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    In the 2nd World War, South Bend Lathes were used. I think some were setup portable in shop trucks as well for rear area rebuilds.


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      Gosh. Sounds great. Does anyone have a Civil War era Studebaker wagon or caisson?
      Ed Sallia
      Dundee, OR

      Sol Lucet Omnibus


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        Sounds like it will be a cool exhibit. The only thing that I have is a WELL worn US6.