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  • "M" series pumper


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    That's a good looking truck


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      Nice that they have it up and running for the community to enjoy. Small towns are a great place to live.


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        Most of those old sirens have a brake on them. If it isn't working that impeller will take 10 minutes to coast to a stop.
        So.....if I'm 'pre-approved' why do you want me to fill out an application?


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          About 1990 there was an M series coal delivery truck complete with chute and delivery mechanism sold at auction in Yakima, WA. It appeared to be in good overall condition and did run, but wasn't drivable due to a bad wheel cylinder which was a good thing for me as if it had been I might have ended up driving it the 80 miles home. It sold for about 5-600 dollars. Hopefully it didn't end up as scrap.
          American iron, real old school
          With two tone paint, it sure is cool

          Its got 8 cylinders and uses them all
          With an overdrive that just won't stall

          With a 4 barrel carb and dual exhausts
          With 4.23 gears it can really get lost

          Its got safety belts and I ain't scared
          The brakes are good and the tires are fair.

          Tried to sell her, but got no taker
          I"ll just keep driving my Studebaker


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            Here's the Number 3 Motorized vehicle that the city of Westfield Indiana purchased. Josh who owns it along with 4 or 5 other Westfield Firemen, has it up and running, IF you make to the International Meet in Indianapolis, chances are pretty good he'll be there! In fact, I pretty much know it will be there. Click image for larger version

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            He also has the original Purchase order to Studebaker, as well as the original cancelled check! (Copies of course)

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            We will provide the curb for you to stand on and clap!

            Indy Honor Flight

            As of Veterans Day 2017, IHF has flown 2,450 WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Veterans to Washington DC at NO charge! to see
            their Memorials!


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              I have owned 3 Studebaker fire trucks, a ‘46, a ‘47 and a ‘49 that came from Asa Hall. I sold the ‘49 about 10 years ago (look for the Tremclad thread here where I painted it with a roller), the ‘47 leaves next Friday and I should sell the ‘46 (which has 2350 original miles).