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This Caught My Eye...Easy or not Easy Car Lift

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  • This Caught My Eye...Easy or not Easy Car Lift

    Has anybody used one of these? Look a bit light weight, but rating is 3 t, I don't think I'd try the flip idea though!

    regards, Cus
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    Interesting, and I agree it looks lightweight. I'm interested to other comments on it.
    As it appears, you drive over it and use a driver to jack the car up? Or do you need more Umph?
    But that price makes me very wary. Is it junk or is it a scam and you don't even get scrap metal?
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      It is designed for a Unibody Car, not much else.
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        This is likely a scam. Search bisky store on the net. The domain has just been recently registered.
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          You should edit the title to reflect the subject. Anybody searching in the future will find the vague title useless.
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            That looks like something that would be marketed on Mark Zuckerberg’s website! It’s like purchasing Sea Monkeys or a Silver Server Set in the back of an old comic book.
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              I can't remember what site it was, but there was a long discussion about these on one of the forums I follow (I checked a few quickly and could not find it). The consensus was that it was a dangerous piece of junk. I think the deciding factor for me would be-would I get under a car supported by that thing?

              NOT ME!!

              Look at it this way-for that price, the materials and labor to make it had to be under $20.00. To me, that says it all.


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                I'll bet they make it up on the shipping!
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                  Originally posted by 52 Ragtop View Post
                  I'll bet they make it up on the shipping!
                  Ron Dame
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                    Yeah, seems a bit too good to be true, they have free freight over $50, interesting this is just under , if anybody used one I would definitely recommend axle stands or blocks
                    once up at the right height.


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                      I would NEVER crawl under one of those things.


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                        I love photo 6 - what on earth in the engine bay would require the ass-end of my Mercedes to be 3 feet in the air...?

                        This is a foolish and dangerous product. Wow.


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                          The dumbest photo, is where the guy is taking the lugnuts off the wheel. Supposedly, the height is to make it easier, but no forethought of how to deal with the 60# wheel/tire 3 feet off the ground.
                          Oh wait. Just drag out the jack, position it, raise the car, loosen the lugnuts, lower the car near the ground, remove the lugnuts, and then remove the wheel. Yeah, that makes sense.


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                            Checking on the real thing online the price is around $1500. Definitely a scam.