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    Don't click W/O a sense of humor:
    Dave Lester

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    It was humorous. And reality, if they were driven where salt was used. Looks like it still runs good though!


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      The Lark is actually a 1960 model. I'll give them "artistic license," though.


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        That was great!!

        And to those curmudgeons that will surely post about how this demeans the Studebaker name -- chill out, sometimes you have to laugh at yourself unless you are perfect. (Let's see how many perfect folks we have here .)
        Winston-Salem, NC
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          OK, that's hilarious

          Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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            The fact that the Lark has suffered such neglect and abuse (salt damage, probable other neglect) and still "keeps on ticking" is a testament to Studebaker's durability. I notice the Dew Drop Inn in the video; Is that South Bend?


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              I too see humor in it. It is a six cylinder 1960 model. I remember when most Larks looked like that around here. I wonder if the video was made around here. I do remember a "Dew Drop Inn".
              Gary L.
              Wappinger, NY

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                There has to be a backstory to this bit of reality TV. My inquiring mind would like to know.


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                  It brings back memories, at least for me it does.

                  A lot of cars, not just Studebakers, with similar amounts of rust-thru were still on the road ten years after they were built.



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                    Now that is funny. And creative. Now if they could just nix the modern vehicles in the background. The next one should be a Studebaker Transformer.
                    Ed Sallia
                    Dundee, OR

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                      I suspect US cars inported to Scandinavia had better rust treatment, we didn't buy a new car every year, but ofcourse if you lived by the salty ocean you lost anyway.

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                        I really like it, especially with the parts falling on the ground and it keeps running! I bought a new 1992 General Monsters Puick Roadmasher and after not too long I want to put 2 bumper stickers on it: Stay back 500 feet to avoid hitting parts falling of this car, The parts falling off this car are of the highest quality

                        Bob Miles


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                          Hilarious. I hope the young lady's tetanus booster was up-to-date before she took the role. That's definitely South Bend. The couple starts by running up the east bank of the St. Joseph River at Northside Boulevard. The old Sample Street bridge over the river is in the background. The concrete and I-beam bridge they are beneath is the Eddy Street bridge over the St. Joseph River. It also passes over Northside Blvd on the east bank, and over Lincolnway East on the west bank. The tall structure with the checkerboard pattern at the top in the background of several scenes was the old NIPSCO natural gas storage tank.

                          As I watched it, I thought, "That's something you'd see on "Beyond Our Control". The title on YouTube confirmed it. It was a 30-minute, locally-produced television show sponsored by Junior Achievement. It was almost entirely scripted, acted, filmed, edited, and produced by students from the South Bend high schools.

                          The theme was as if you were sitting at home, flipping through the channels looking for something to watch. It started with the show's logo in front of a TV snow background and the tin sound from a cheap old TV set. You heard the channels changing, then settling on a channel. You then watched a short skit, then it would repeat through four or five more skits for the next 30 minutes. The show's logo and snow took you into and out of the commercial breaks. Most of the skits were so-so, but there were a few gems. At the end, the credits were provided for each skit.

                          More about "Beyond Our Control" here:

                          Mark L
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                          Mark L


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                            Originally posted by studegary View Post
                            I too see humor in it. It is a six cylinder 1960 model. I remember when most Larks looked like that around here. I wonder if the video was made around here. I do remember a "Dew Drop Inn".
                            Yes, the video was made in South Bend. There are several clues:

                            1. When the couple comes running up from the river bank, if you know much about South Bend, that is clearly "downtown."

                            2. Freeze-Frame it right at 01:00 and you'll see an overhead highway sign alerting you to the approaching intersection of "old" U. S. 31 and Indiana State Road 2. Downtown South Bend was the only place they intersected, although U. S. 31 in that alignment is now identified as Indiana 931 (I think).

                            3. As the couple drives away at the end, you can easily read the 71 two-digit prefix on the Indiana License Plate. That is the two-digit prefix for St. Joseph County Indiana, of which South Bend in the center, more or less. (Important, though, is that it is an old license plate; it has been many years since Indiana had those two-digit prefixes. If someone can freeze-frame just right and it's not fuzzy, you might be able to see the year on the 'plate.)

                            4. And, of course; there is The Dew Drop Inn at the corner of Lafayette and Sample Streets; one corner of the former Studebaker campus. I had lunch at The Dew Drop with South Bend friend Don Galeziewski last year before COVID hit, but Don doesn't think it survived the pandemic. BP
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                            We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

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                              Thanks Bob, some good sleuthing!