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2 1957 Station wagons

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  • 2 1957 Station wagons

    Wonder what makes THIS one worth $8k

    when this one barely brought $3k? Obviously, widely varying views on value.

    Note that both say they will NOT lower the price, so don't ask!


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    One thing to note - we don't know what the reserve was on the $3K one - but we know $8K will buy the other.

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      Easily explained. Note the disclosure that the overdrive doesn't work in the cheaper car. Obviously, the one with working overdrive is worth $5,000 more![:0] (I mean, have you tried to fix an overdrive for less than $5,000 nowadays?) BP
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        I think it is two different approaches on listing and selling a car.

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          Or perhaps one seller is less, ummm, tuned into reality than the other???

          (No offense intended if the seller is reading this. Merely a feeble attempt at humor.)

          Jacob Newkirk - Owensboro, KY

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          Jacob Newkirk - Owensboro, KY

          KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL! Drive a Studebaker!


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            Now the $8000 one is $6500 but FIRM. Of course, that's what he said at $8000. :-)



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              And now it's $5500 AND it's the last time he's putting it on Ebay! SO THERE!! Take it or leave it, Buster!!