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  • Avanti transportation weight estimate

    Last summer I bought a burned to a crisp 63 R-2, all that is left is; R-2 engine (less Paxton & drive, H2O manifold & pump), auto trans, drive shaft, rear end, front / rear suspension / brakes, steering system, bumper brackets (front & rear) and the frame. NO body / interior bits, etc. ( all burned to dust! ). I will be using my 63R1089 spare wheels and tires to roll the hulk up on the trailer, hence the problem...... what do you all guess the weight will be? I know it will physically fit the trailer (which has a load weight rating of 2050 lbs. ). Thanks for your ideas guys. I am attempting to get this "turd" home and BEHIND the fence before the snow traps me to garage bound Studebaker activities. Sherm / Green Bay / 63R1089 & friend

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    I think you will close to the rated load of the trailer, but not enough over it to be a hazard. Just make sure the engine goes to the front to add to the tongue weight on the hitch. Helps with stability.
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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      I agree with Gord, Shipping weight was in the neighborhood of 3100 lbs so what's left shouldn't be much over 2000 if the body and interior were burnt off. Nose first as he said. Plus we need pictures of the hulk, I've never seen one burnt to the ground.



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        Originally posted by sweetolbob View Post
        Plus we need pictures of the hulk, I've never seen one burnt to the ground. Bob
        One member had three Avanti crispy critters in this summer's California fires.

        jack vines



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          Thanks fellows, I was figuring 2/3's left and 1/3 of the weight burned away...... Picture a flat rust encrusted engine / frame skeleton, it looks as though it should be buried before it begins to smell! And yes the nose heavy remains will be loaded heading towards the tow truck. We will see how this works out. Sherm / Green Bay / 63R1089 & friend


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            How far and how fast are you going to tow it? On the interstate at 70 mph, cross country, the trailer may not be big enough. Also new tires on the trailer are good insurance.


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              Ref. post #6, Appx. 140 miles (one way), mostly on two lane roads with 65 mph / 55 mph day time - night time (Mich.) and 65 mph (all time Wis.) speed limits with about 50 miles of 70 mph four lane roads. However I usually trailer tow 55-60 mph IF I am NOT holding up traffic and due to the deer movement season with us now 60 mph seems about right. The trailer is less than one month old and from a local big box store and with my luck it will be a half day time - half night time run. One disturbing fact is the trailer did NOT come with a spare tire.....taking my chances I guess. I know that the Avanti wheels will not fit the trailer. Sherm / Green Bay


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                Good luck!
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                  Assuming the trailer has a side gate that you would likely remove (Model #6X12GWATV), I'd suggest you create some type of replacement to re-establish the upper rail structural integrity, since 2-wheel trailers are rather dependent on vertical members to compensate for uneven loading. Transporting a car puts the load near each end vs evenly distributed or centered over the axle and that increases the stress on the top of the side rails. Simply bolting on a section of similar sized tubing or flat bar through the slip joint pin holes will strengthen that top side significantly.

                  Because 2-wheel trailers are more sensitive to tongue weight loading, you might consider taking a scale to set under the jack, so you can better adjust the load to get something in the 300-450# tongue weight range (10-15%) of the estimated 3000# total weight. While guessing is OK for short low speed trips in town, it doesn't work well on highways.

                  Don't forget to take along a jack and the necessary tools to change a flat tire, should that become a requirement.

                  Above all, remain safe.


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                    Ref. post #9 Hummm, good idea on the scale / tongue weight outcome. The trailer has swing down hinged sides, the trailer deck load width (with the sides swung up and locked ) is 6 1/2 feet so the 'hulk' will fit with the sides up taking care of the 'hog & sag' deflection as the boat boy's would say. I hope old 63R1182 will like being on the road again! Sherm / Green Bay