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Wish my Daddy was home to wear it!

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  • Wish my Daddy was home to wear it!

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    It's too small! The photo that is, not the jacket.
    In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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      Sadly, that's the biggest picture I could find. I took a stab at transcribing it.
      Not sure what that one word on the last line is though! Edited: Thanks Justin!)

      That's a wish your mother shares
      with you, little lady. She knows, how-
      ever, your Daddy still has to finish the
      job that took him so far away from you.
      But you may be sure he is counting
      on you and mother to keep things at
      home just as he left them -- his civilian
      clothes brushed and fresh -- the pup
      healthy and frisky -- a smile on you lips
      and a song in your hearts.
      And remember, there;s one thing the
      Daddy you're lonesome for would esp-
      ecially like to have someone tell him soon
      in a letter. It;s that everyone in your
      neighborhood really did something hand-
      some this time in buying War Bonds.

      Yes, we can all make it easier -- men-
      tally as well as physically--for our men
      and women in uniform, if we prove to
      them now, with extra War Bonds, that
      we're with them every step of the last
      hard miles that be ahead.
      Let's make the mighty Seventh War
      Loan Drive our finest effort. It's our
      golden opportunity to show our valiant,
      hard-battling fighters that we're really
      worthy of what they're doing for us.

      Contribute to the 7th War Loan Drive by
      Part of America's life and traditions since 1852
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        Part of America’s life and traditions since 1852. Thanks for posting this.