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55 sedan hood latch paint originally

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  • 55 sedan hood latch paint originally

    Refurbishing the hood latch on my 55 sedan project. When disassembled and cleaned up it appears to be stainless steel or similar material. It is magnetic. It can be painted without painting the sliding surfaces. But was wondering how it came from the factory. Mine was spray can painted over crud and grease

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    Merwin, my '55 sedan hood latch appears to have been painted black from the factory. Do you see any sign on yours that there may have been another color under the spray paint?
    On mine it appears that all the sheet metal surrounding the latch, including the radiator were all the same black when it left the factory. That being said, I do know that the exterior of my car was repainted close to the original two tone colors about 20 years ago. Nothing under the hood looks to have been painted at that time. I know there are some other '55 sedan owners on this forum who may be able to weigh in on this as well.
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      On my '54 sedan, the latch assembly is dull cadium (zinc?) plated. The various Hawks that I have are plated the same way.
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        The only painted hood latches I have ever seen were on "restorations" or repaints.

        All the original latches I have seen were plated and were steel color.
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          Thanks, good info always


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            I had mine cadmium plated here in Tulsa.
            Charlie D.
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              I can confirm what others have posted. Our 55 Sedan was originally cadmium plated.
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                I think Eastwood has a spray paint in a can that looks like plating when dry.