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ID:	1856563 The Studemeister group is at it again! This time attacking a '47 Land Cruiser.
    My black '47 LC had a tired 45K mile 226ci Commander 6. I wanted more power , less oil burning and to use modern "corn gas". After talking to Jack Vines, Paul Dickenson, my own imagination and of course, Kenny Durkee I decided to go to a 245 which is the same block as the 226 but has a 3/8" longer stroke. All external 226 parts (head, water pump, manifolds, distributor) fit the 245. Stainless valves would be happy with the ethanol gas. An optional 7.5:1 head (found a new one) was available to replace the 6.5:1 226 head. Jack said the 7:5 head could stand a 0.050" shave which I did. We carefully checked valve head clearance.
    While looking for parts, Paul Dickinson came up with a NOS short block with pistons and fitted rings. He had all the NOS parts needed to put together a true short block needing only the oil sump, pan and head. He delivered it to Kenny's shop in Renton. after removing the old 226, we used the sump, pan, distributor, generator, carburetor, new water pump, new shaved head and all new clutch parts to complete the engine and stuck it in! (After a few glitches like a defective pressure plate which made us take the engine out again.)
    One mistake we made was to not separate the intake and exhaust manifolds to replace the gasket between them. Later we got to do that. Another problem was starter power when hot. Best solution of several trys was to clean the paint off the grounding head bolt and make a 2/0 battery to starter cable.
    Once it fired up, it was clear this is a different engine! Probably has a third more Hp (125 rather than 92). I drove it to Boise, ID and back (520 miles each way) 65 - 70 mph in 95 degree heat through the mountains. New parts are no guarantee anymore - on trip down, a new spark plug wire, a new condenser, a new coil, new fuel sender and a new radiator cap failed. Also used 2 qts break-in oil.
    Coming back, temperature suddenly dropped about 20 degrees just as I left Boise (rings seated) and I used little to no oil coming back.
    On the outside, I replaced the bogus plastic sun visor with an authentic Fulton unit and ponnyed up the cash for wide 215/75 - 15 whitewall radials.
    Next week the LC (named "Eyebrow") is going from WA to CO to star in my Nephew's wedding.
    Now if we can just get rid of the fires and virus so I can enjoy traveling in it.
    Thanks very much to Jack, Paul and Kenny for being this Summer's Studemeister team! Click image for larger version

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    Don't we all love it when a plan comes together!

    Congrats on working your way through the little stuff and having a great ride.

    jack vines


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      Great looking car, and with a NOS engine! Good luck and enjoy your adventure.
      In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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        Randy- I sure do enjoy working with you. These, my Friend, are “the good ‘ol days” —Kenny
        1950 Commander Land Cruiser
        1951 Champion Business Coupe
        1951 Commander Starlight
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        1965 Cruiser
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          Randy always has a smile on his face. I'm sure that there are things that get him down, but he bounces back quickly. He has really nice cars, and when he needs an attitude adjustment he buys another one. His enthusiasm is contagious.


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            Well done. That sure looks nice.


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              Most excellent!
              Thank you for sharing your journey!
              HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


              Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

              Note: SDC# 070190 (and earlier...)


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                Nice car Randy, just park it next to the 52 hardtop or did that go to Hawaii ? have a good trip, I will be going to Mich. I hope in Oct. to deliver a 53 hardtop, take care.
                Castro Valley,


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                  Lots of "wows" in that story and pics Randy. Decided which car's coming over here with you next yet ? We NEED more Studebakers, ha ! Take care pal, and hoping the fires aren't affecting you.


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                    Randy, sounds like a great car. Hope to see you (and maybe the 47 LC) at the NW Overdrive Tour.
                    Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
                    Bellingham, WA.


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                      What a beauty!
                      Tim-'53 Starlight Commander Custom in Yuma, AZ