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    I found a floor model Industrial quality sandblast cabinet, reasonable price, do you all thing that is a good addition to your studebaker shop? opinions appreciated

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    I've got a cheapie Harbor Freight cabinet that I have modified a bit by adding a better floor inside and an air/dust filtering unit. It works good enough for the use I have for it. Bill


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      I bought one years ago, don't use it nearly as much as I thought I would. I did have to take it apart and seal the corners because it blew dust out of it when using. It does come in handy with I think about using it.


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        The blast cabinet is only as good as the quantity and quality of air supplied to make it work. Check the air consumption and make sure you have an air compressor capable of keeping up with it. To work efficiently, the supplied air needs to be filtered. Additionally, some of these units have a media filtration and recycling system. That will enable you to extend the use of blasting media and filter out useless spent media that turns to useless dust. Different size nozzles will consume more or less air and affect the time required to clean up the parts you are blasting.

        In a home shop, where space is a premium, you need to consider how much and how often you will use certain tools. I have a bargain blast cabinet I picked up years ago. Never used it, and as it sits, it would need new gloves, new hoses, and probably a new nozzle. Same for several other pieces of toe busters I stumble over just because I thought they were cool tools to have when the opportunity to pick them up came along. I probably need to find a bargain dump I could load a lot of this stuff up, haul it off, and dump it.
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          Grab the largest size part that you would like to blast in it, then take the part with you to see if it will fit inside before purchasing.
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            I have one, its large enough to easily accommodate a 17" wheel. I use it all the time , but not as much as I used to. I've found chemicals that will do many of the jobs I used it for; re, de rusting. I still use it to give items "tooth" before painting though; and for other surface finishes. I don't use filtered air, it just comes from my antique auto garage compressor (100 gal tank); they do require a large amount , cfm, of air . When the original gloves in mine disintegrated I found some very long gauntlet chemical gloves at Harbor Freight that work well for under $10. I just removed the original gloves from their gaunlet, put on the HF gloves and slide in through the original gaunlets, works fine. My blast box is outside my shop in an enclosed dirt floor "garage" so when the vacuum system burned up (literally) it now just makes a bit of dust where it doesn't really matter.

            I'd say, if you have room for it, especially if it can be located away from your "clean area", go for it. But if not, learn how to use acids and get a decent orbital sander.


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              Lark63, we sold our cabinet before moving to Hawaii, and that was one of the 1st things I bought during my 1st year here when I found a good cheap used one (that also included a pressure blaster !). We use it on car parts, furniture parts, toys, can etch glass, yard implements, and many other things. Karen likes it and uses it too. Now it is definitely NOT an everyday use item, but it's kinda' like a truck.....we don't want to be without one. As the other guys said, cfm is important, size of the tank reservoir, and cabinet size needed. If you think it is a"reasonable price", I recommend going for it if the other requirements will let you get the best use of it. (using glass beads in it makes aluminum look gorgeous !)


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                They are great when you need one , But mine sits idle alot , Ed


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                  When I had the shop we put the blast cabinet out side then someone stolid it and I never could find out who so I could thank them, things are just junk most of the time.
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                    I live on a sand bar (Florida).
                    Have had numerous sandblasters, sandblast cabinets, and various gizmo's.
                    Liked them all. Used them all. Hated them all. Suffered with them all.

                    Now I just roll the sandblast gizmo de jour outside and blast away.
                    I found this thing via a friend, Keith Rucker

                    AgiiMan Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit - 3200 PSI Sand Blaster Gun Attachment

                    It is a sandblast attachment that hooks to the pressure washer.
                    Was doubtful at first, but then kind of fell in like with it.
                    Took me a bit to learn to use it (reading the instructions and learning what 'up' meant)...
                    It worked real nice.

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	AgiiMan-Pressure-Washer-Sandblasting-Kit.jpg Views:	0 Size:	10.8 KB ID:	1854929
                    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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                      I us mine a lot when restoring but very little for regular maintenance.


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                        If you plan to do a restoration, and blast cabinet and a big compressor are wonderful things to have. Be sure your compressor / compressors are big enough to supply the air needed. As far as just a tool in maintenance shop, it probably won't get used much, if any.
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                          The air must be dry as well as all of the above.
                          james r pepper