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We rescued a '49 truck

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  • We rescued a '49 truck

    I found a '49 half ton truck a few days ago that had been sitting in a carport for 15 years. My brother-in-law has been wanting one so we went and got it. It is in good shape. It appears to have never been painted, still wearing the original dark blue. The engine is not stuck. We used my '55 daily driver to move it some so we could get it on the trailer for the ride home. The cab floors are solid as a rock. There is some minor rust in the RH cab corner and in the RH front bed floor. The front bumper is chrome. The factory rear is on the truck but is slightly bent, easily fixed. The instrument cluster is beautiful.

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    Congrats on your purchase. The optional chrome bumpers are rare. Nice instrument clusters are even rarer today.
    Skip Lackie


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      That is perfect. I need a Studebaker truck in my life.


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        Good save.
        My truck had a similar story of sitting for years. The tires disintegrated after I got it home. After a year of rewiring, cleaning, and removing add-ons I did not need, I have been enjoying it.
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          My brother-in-law stopped at a store on his way home and a guy tried to buy his "new" Studebaker truck. I told him to get used to that I drive mine daily and average three times per week having someone ask about buying it! He has washed it and it cleaned up pretty nice. I will post some after-bath pics soon.


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            BIL recently had lower back surgery so is limited right now in how much he can lift/push/pull so I will be going to help him with some of the work on his truck. A friend of mine saw the truck and said he couldn't believe I found it and didn't get for myself. He said "You must think more of your brother in law than I do mine."
            I guess I do.