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What Studebakery things have ya'll done recently?

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    I bought a 54 Wagon. I'm really excited because my daughter loves it and wants to be a part of reviving it.


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      I think you've started a nice thread Jake; it can go on for a looong time...

      Champion V8
      4d sedan


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        Within the last 3 months:

        -Finished my ‘55 pickup.
        -Rebuilt my first Stude V8.
        -Helped rebuild another V8 and get a ‘64 Hawk back on the road.
        -Traded the ‘55 truck for a ‘58 President.
        -Bought a ‘64 Wagonaire.
        -Helped a friend clean up his new ‘64 convertible.
        -Installed a new dash pad in a ‘62 Cruiser.
        -Did a brake job on a ‘51 Champion.
        -Made a new mold so I can reproduce the plastic ‘51 bullets again.
        -Sold a few parts to other Stude owners.

        I guess I do a lot of Studebaker stuff.


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          Do you still have the 1951 Land Cruiser?

          All my Studebaker Stuff is working on the last car, a 1956 Studebaker President Classic with T-85 Overdrive.

          Bob Miles


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            Well, I just washed Barney in preparation for IDYSD, and treated him to a new car cover.
            Now I need to fix the passenger's side wiper arm, change the oil, lube the chassis, pack the wheel bearings, adjust the brakes

            Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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              I finally got around to moving a couple of mine from the barn last week. Washed them, topped off the master cylinder reservoirs, and showed them off to a new neighbor who crossed the road for a close look. We have had a couple of the best weather days of the summer and my plan is to get them ready for IDYSD.

              Sadly, the long-range forecast for the weekend is calling for rain and thunderstorms. My plan was to drive a Studebaker to our Maggie Valley, NC cruise-in this weekend (about 90 miles), but if the weather does not cooperate...
              I'll be in a Brand-X with a Studebaker script logo in the back window.
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              John Clary
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                Cleaned up my cylinder head porting bench area.
                Back to my porting bench to finish up a set of heads that I "started", for myself.

                LS, Chevrolet style intake valves, a newfound intake port shape, heavy springs to control a roller cam.
                Using my against the law (for a non-medical person), TRUE" N95 mask that I bought years ago to keep cast iron dust out of my lungs..!

                Fun stuff.



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                  Wash and wax Saturday. Every time I washed the car this summer it got rained on within a week. Lets see if I can do better this time.
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                    That sure is one green Studebaker!!!
                    Myself been changing driveshaft last Friday & since the rear u-joint wasn't good enough I did that today.

                    Champion V8
                    4d sedan


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                      Gave the Saturday Night Special a Lube job Saturday and checked the transmission and rear end. I wish I had invested in a lift a few years back. You old guys can probably relate to this. Remember to take all you need with you before you get under the car cause that gettin under and back up gets to be a chore. Got him up on some stands and :

                      Click image for larger version

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                      IT was a real trick driving up on the ramps. Lol

                      I didn't forget to carry everything under I needed, including the trans lube.

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ID:	1856174 By the way just a tip. I have noticed posts in the past about how to put fluid in the O D transmission. The easiest way for me to add fluid is with a old large pump type squirt gun. I have one that I have cut the tip off to make the hole larger. Works great.

                      P.S. After all this the trans and rear end didn't need any added


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                        Nvonada, LOVE your Champ! She's a beauty for sure and certain!

                        I went by Battleborn's in Ely Nv. on Thursday. Had a ton of fun crawling around a really NICE collection of Studebakers and some nice Stude-clunkers too! Wish I was rich enough for them to do just one up for me. So I guess that was my IDYSD. Although I didn't have the nerve to ask if I could drive one of the restored ones.
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                        Ron Smith
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                          I on Saturday the girlfriend and I did the PSMCDR and Stanton's Mid Michigan Motorplex (Drag Strip). We both had a great time. If you're in the area when this event happens, it's worth the trip.
                          Tom - Bradenton, FL

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                            On IDYSD I did a 180 mile run. Took my 64 R1 Hawk , crossed the GW Bridge up North. Great drive, traffic sucked on the return but sitting in traffic had a lot of discussions with car and truck drivers about the Hawk.
                            Just received tires from Diamond Back as the Cooper tires-2 sets; whitewalls, and 2 sets of Uniroyal Tire Paw for both my 64 Avanti R2 & the Hawk R1 are being returned. the white wall turns yellow and brown within a week of removing the blue paint. I tried everything to clean all 8 set of tires. The whitewalls never ever clean up. So I went for additional expense and ordered a set from Diamond Back. Ill keep you informed if indeed they turn too.


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                              Click image for larger version

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ID:	1857613 Jake,

                              As of last week, Joan has been sidelined with a leaking left rear wheel cylinder. My son-in-law is going to replace both rear wheel cylinders, both rear shoe sets & rear shocks while we’re in there. Also, replace broken right rear wheel stud & check parking brake.