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  • first Studebaker

    you never know what you will find, in 1977 I was building my first, 1963 cruiser,,, bought from Roland Coy, Indy, $300, I bought nos rear springs from Newman Altman, I opened the pkg today, I will use the on the R2 Lark at this point

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    I too have some NOS parts that I purchased for my first Studebaker (1963 Daytona convertible) when I visited Newman Altman, in 1988. I soon realized the project car was too far gone so I've kept the parts in a closet all this time. Not only are the parts part of Studebaker history, they are now also part of my history.
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      I still have the 1961 Lark horn button that weirdly came with my car. While I don't have it on any more, I still have it around as a sign of respect to the car's history. A little fillip to engender interest.
      Jake Robinson Kaywell: Shoo-wops and doo-wops galore to the background of some fine Studes. I'm eager and ready to go!

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        Yes it's neat to pull out parts you've had for many years. As I bring back my '64 GT from the dead I think about the meets or visits to N&A back in the day also have to appreciate the prices of those parts! What I fondly remember though is the folks from whom I've purchased those parts, their help and knowledge as well as their personalities as some are now only with us in spirit.
        Rob in PA.


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          The day I bought my first Studebaker was spent washing and polishing the jet green paint. That night I sat in there and polished the whole interior with Moms Lemon Pledge spray. Done the tires too.....just a good little memory now....seems like a thousand years ago.