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Floyd Clymer Avanti at Pikes Peak film wanted - GOOD QUALITY

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  • Floyd Clymer Avanti at Pikes Peak film wanted - GOOD QUALITY

    Does any one have a quality (original film) of Floyd Clymer Avanti at Pikes Peak ? I see a 1 minute version on YouTube with very good resolution and I have a full version of the same film on VHS that is about 17 minutes long but is very poor and broken up. The attached picture is from the YouTube version and is very nice. Here is the YouTube link.

    If you have a 17 minute version of the quality of the picture or YouTube video, please let me know, any format acceptable. 8mm or whatever is available.

    Thanks, Luma

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    Is that available from the Museum?

    I think I have this on a VHS tape along with some other Studebaker films. Bought it from someone at a swapmeet maybe 20yrs ago? The seller claimed it was a original homemade VHS copy made from original films he got from a old Studebaker dealers stuff.

    I only watched it all once. Something was awry with the sound as I recall and there was this horrible hum making the tape nearly unwatchable. I should find it and import it to my computer using the capture box I used to import all my Dad's old 80s-90s home videos. I suspect there is some editing filter in the software I could apply to clean up that hum.

    Jeff in ND


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      Jeff, No luck at the Museum. If your VHS video looks as good as my picture posted above, let me know. As for the sound, it has no audio track so that hum could be filtered out and a maybe a new audio track added. Attached is a picture from the 17 minute VHS version ( same scene ) to see the difference.


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        I have the VHS black and white silent version as part of the Avanti videocassette I bought at the museum years ago.

        While we're on this subject, does anyone have the 1956 Studebaker sales film that was shown to Studebaker salesmen? I had it on videocassette, bought from the museum, but something went wrong with my copy, and I no longer have it. Does anyone have this videocassette in good condition?