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Studes at the 2020 AACA Grand National Show

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  • Studes at the 2020 AACA Grand National Show

    Studebakers were well represented at this years AACA Grand National Show in Gettysburg. Around 500 cars, all previous winners, all spectacular examples of various makes, models and years. Well organized and an overall great day.

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    Great looking selection of Studebakers! I like them all but that '56 Golden Hawk really gets my attention, a subdued but very nice color combination.
    In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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      Hi Bill ! Thanks for posting this, along with the pictures. Hope you and yours are doing well ! Best, Matt Mussari

      1963 GT Hawk
      1960 Metropolitan Convertible
      1972 AMC Javelin/ AMX
      1956 Cushman Eagle


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        How was the turn out? I am debating registering for Hershey with my Speedster, but not sure if it is worth it given the swap meet and car coral being cancelled.
        Matthew Wendt


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          They had a good turnout of cars, I'd guess 500 +-. There were quite a few spectators in spite of them intentionally not advertising to keep the crowd down. The show was well organized in spite of their late notice and change in location. I expect that the Hershey show should also be well organized with a good turnout f cars, but maybe a thinner crowd. As of last Saturday they had 800 registered, had extended the registration deadline and were going to cut it off at 1000. I do not need a car judged and do not plan to take a car, but I may go just to see the show.



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            Hi Bill, I saw your Metropolitan but didn't make the connection until I read the awards list. Sorry I didn't see you. We had quite a gathering of Studebakers over in our back corner of the show field. Thanks for posting the photo of my 56GH.

            The AACA would like it very much if more people would register for Hershey, so Matthew please do register and bring the Speedster. Mark James, the Hawk guru (behind Frank Ambrosio) whose cars you see in the pictures, is bringing his cars to Hershey so there will be a good representation or mid fiftys Studys.

            Gus Daub NU '66