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    Michael McPherson is looking for his previous mechanic, Rick Barrett, from Stude Parts and Service in Long Beach, CA (closed). I've heard he's repairing motorcycles in Lake L.A., my town. Anybody?

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    Rick. used to be a Studebaker Parts and Service employee or part owner, years ago during the time the Founder, Bill Oliver owned the Business. I thought he lived in Antelope Valley somewhere.

    I knew him well and helped them move in there on 14th. St. from East of L.A. at their former location in the 1990's.
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      I heard at least one of Long Beach Studebaker’s employees started this company.

      Studebaker Restoration Ltd.

      1408 Santa Fe Avenue Long Beach CA 90813
      Phone : (562) 676-4460


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        That must be one of those rumors that got passed to a dozen people and lost a LOT along the way!

        That should literally be the OTHER side of the building on 14th. that used to be Studebaker of Calif. until Ed Reynolds moved the business and name to Studebaker International in Greenfield, Indiana. Now sold and moved to Hope Indiana. There were no repairs going on there just a LOT of New Parts.

        Since there WAS no "Long Beach Studebaker", that part of the Urban Legend may also be false.
        Maybe Studebaker Parts and Service also on 14th. St. mostly Studebaker repairs and restoration, or the Old Studebaker of Calif. got confused somehow with this "Story".

        If you are in the Los Angeles Area, drive over there and let us know what's going on.
        Maybe the missing Rick Barrett is hiding over there.

        Here's what it looks like recently:!8i8192
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          Bill Oliver is still listed on the vendor list at the 14th street address. He says he has lots of generator parts.

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            I have nothing useful to contribute to this but remember fondly the afternoon in summer 1995 when I visited both these places in Long Beach. I was in the LA area for a week long training for work and had a open afternoon so drove my Olds Achieva rental car ( green 4dr sedan) up from the Irvine/Tustin area where I was staying.

            I got a box of stuff from Studebaker of California and also a few items from Stude Parts and Service from their small salvage yard. One "item" was a set of headliner bows. I had those taped up and carried them onto my flight home leaving from the John Wayne airport and put in the overhead bin. The box from S of C was taped up and went in the cargo hold. This was in the pre-911 days and no extra drama ensued.

            That was a "fun" week. First time I was ever in California and had a fair amount of free time to drive around. My last visit to CA was in 2007, also for work, and was not so much.

            Jeff in ND