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1962 Hawk Trunk Lid Ring Emblem Color

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  • 1962 Hawk Trunk Lid Ring Emblem Color

    The trunk lid bird and retainer ring emblems on my 1962 Hawk are faded and weathered. Both have a matching gold finish as shown in the picture. I have replaced the other exterior gold emblems on my car except for the trunk emblems.

    I recently ordered replacements from one of our Studebaker vendors. The bird is gold but the retainer ring is distinctly chrome in color. See attached image. The part number matches the one for a 1962 Hawk.

    Were the original trunk lid bird and ring emblems on a 1962 Hawk done in a matching gold finish. Does anyone know of a good source for the gold finish ring?

    Click image for larger version

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    All I have ever seen were chromed.
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      Thanks Brad


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        My 62 GT has the original chrome ring , so I agree with Brad, all of 62's I've seen or owned over the years have had chrome rings. Bud


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          I believe all 62-64 Hawk trunk lid emblems had a chrome ring. The plastic bird emblem itself was different from 62 to 63/64. Bill


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            Thank you Bud and Bill for your responses.


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              The original one on my 62 GT is Gold. I never really thought about it, until mentioned in this post. I think I still have an NOS one bought from the late Bill Fennessey, some where????



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                The only gold appearing ones that I remember were chrome ones where the chrome wore off or was polished down to the copper plate, appearing gold.
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                  Click image for larger version

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ID:	1852346 Today I compared the new ring I ordered to the existing gold ring. Interestingly the new one is around a quarter the height of the ring on the car as shown in the picture.

                  I looked at the bottoms of the mounting pins under the trunk lid and they are still a shiny gold. Based on the history of the car, if the bird and ring were replaced, the prior owner would have done it sometime in the mid-1980’s. Perhaps an older aftermarket replacement?

                  The new ring also has four mounting pins instead of the three on the original so I would have to drill new holes. I think I will keep the existing gold ring and bird which really don’t look that bad. Sometimes it is better to leave well enough alone.

                  Finally, with regard to changing the color of the new ring, I received a fast same day response from Craig Bierman at Speed & Sport Chrome Plating, a Turning Wheels advertiser. The estimate is $100 to plate the ring with 24k gold which would nicely match the new bird. It is a reasonable estimate but yet another reason to maintain the status quo.


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                    It sounds like you May have gotten a '63/'64 GT Hawk Ring with the groove for the Plastic emblem, not the Thin one for a '62.

                    Which "Ring" do you have?

                    The '58 Packard Hawk Front Chrome Ring is 1326721W.

                    The '62 Hawk Decklid Chrome Ring is 131343548W

                    The '63/'64 Hawk & '63 Lark Decklid emblem surround, Chrome Ring is 1353370W
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                      Rich is right. The 62 ring is chrome and very skinny