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Super storm Sandy and the Avanti

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  • Super storm Sandy and the Avanti

    A friends Avanti suffered from Sandy.......brackish water was up past the center consul.
    The insurance company paid out 15K for the car......they did however say that if the car was wanted, $4,800.00 would have to be paid for it. The car was not bought back. Question, do you think the car sold off to be parted out, or just crushed?

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    A few years ago, a 1963 Avanti in our region was destroyed when rear-ended very hard. It disappeared for almost a year, then showed up in an auction of wrecked vehicles where only dealers and salvage yards could bid. By a pure fluke, a member of our Chapter heard about it a couple of days before the auction. He was able to have a friend who is a licensed dealer buy it for him.
    Bill Jarvis


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      If the Insurance Co. Thinks the Wreck is worth $4800.00 I don't see them Scrapping it.

      Probably sold to a Salvage Yard to be parted out or Sold complete as a "Salvage Vehicle" with a Title of the same name.

      They might be Crooks, but they're not usually $ Stupid!
      OH! It was in Canada, all bets are OFF then for the Gov't. owned Insurance Monopoly.
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        Another grumpy comment - this time anti-Canadian.

        On behalf of the many Canadians in the SDC, many of whom are active contributors here, I recommend you save this for the Stove-Huggers forum. Thanks.


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          It probably went up for insurance salvage either at a given price sale or via auction. I seriously doubt that they got anywhere near that price for it as salvage. The buy-back number is usually some percentage of the overall value/settlement price.
          Gary L.
          Wappinger, NY

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            If you have the VIN you can usually do a Google to find where the car went. Chances are it was sent to COPART who most insurance carriers work with. That's where my wife's Lexus was consigned when it was declared a total loss by the insurance adjuster a few years ago.


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              Is this sandy avanti


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                Originally posted by wise raymond View Post
                Is this sandy avanti
                No it was white


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                  I have a friend who previously had a shop in Union Beach, New Jersey.....................four cars that were in the shop actually floated down the street just shy of the ocean.