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Studebaker at Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum

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  • Studebaker at Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum

    My girls bought me a "Reality Experience", running a switch engine at this museum today. Couldn't help but note our favorite subject is a part of the displays, and rolling stock, at this museum. Visit and support them too if you find yourself in Northern Indiana. 50 miles or so southwest of South Bend in Starke County, IN:

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    Very interesting and how nice from your girls. What engine did you have the pleasure to mount?


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      Erie Lackawanna Alco S1 No. 310

      Built by American Locomotive Company (S/N 75121) in January of 1947. This locomotive is powered by a McIntosh & Seymour 539 series engine rated at 660 horsepower. No. 310 was built for the Erie and became Erie Lackawanna no. 310 in 1960. The engine was donated to the museum by Silcott Railway Equipment Company and arrived at our museum on April 25, 1997. The locomotive underwent an extensive overhaul and is currently operational.


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        If anyone decides to do the guest engineer thing, be advised cell phones are not allowed in the cab (Federal Regulation). So, if you want pictures, take a camera separate from your phone. We dug out my wife's old camera, and luckily, it would still take a charge after ten or more years.


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          Thanks for the details. I wish I were closer to have a look at this collection.
          Nice day to all.


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            'Way cool, Kevin; thanks. BP
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