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Prepping The Studes For Summer

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  • Prepping The Studes For Summer

    For the last few months I have mostly driven the 56J. Had not driven it much over the last couple of years, so there were several bugs to iron out, and I did. But it still has a carburetor and I never got round to reinstalling AC after I rebuilt the 352 a few years ago. So with temps now in the 80s-90s daily, it is time to break out the GTs. They both have AC and EFI (Hamilton Fuel Injection), and are just so much easier to drive in summertime.

    Yesterday I dusted the 63GT off, charged the AC, checked tire pressure and all fluid levels, and drove it about 20 miles. Just need to wash and wax it now. It is, "the wife's car" but I drive it more than she does. She has never driven it as much as she did her first 63GT, which she wrecked bout 15 years ago, after 50,000 miles. Today will break out the 62GT and do the same to it as the 63GT. Still plan to drive the 56J enough to keep it exercised, but probably not regularly till this fall when temps go down again.

    I retired in June 2018, bought a Honda GoldWing, and rode it 50,000 miles byJune 2019. But the retirement transition is now over, and focus has returned to the Studes over the last year. Too many toys and soo little time. Retirement is great though.
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    I may have to look into adding AC to my Hawk. My better half does not enjoy summer driving without it. I'm fine with the windows down, and the wing windows adding a little cross flow. Retirement for me is four years away, and I look forward to having more time. Enjoy your drives!


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      Beginning in the late 80s when I moved to the California desert, every Studebaker got AC, if not already in place, including the 56J. Here in KY weather is tolerable without AC, but it just makes driving them more enjoyable. No AC on the GoldWing though, and I have ridden it as far west as Utah and Arizona, but that was in September. LOL


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        Come fall I'll prepair Josephine for winterdriving...
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