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My first Studebaker

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  • My first Studebaker

    Hi folks,
    well, not technically my first as I have an M-29 Weassl, a WWII tracked vehicle that was built by Studebaker and has a Champion motor in it....BUT, now I just got a 66 Golden Hawk.

    I live out in Eastern Washington and my wife saw it in the local Facebook buy/sell and brought it to my attention (she'll probably regret that). I loved the lines and the look of it. We negotiated a very reasonable price and itll be at my place in a week or so.

    As you can see from the pics, ( looks like i cant upload pics yet, but i will later when im allowed) its not a runner, but it's actually in pretty good shape. Rust patina on an otherwise straight and solid body. Frame, what i could see of it, looked good. Same with the floor pan. Rockers need attention. Trunk lid is banged up and will test my body working skills. Crank is loose on the original engine.

    The interesting part is that this was going to be a project car for someone. All the chrome is off and boxed up, an extra windshield to replace the cracked one, and thr same with passenger side front window. i was told the customer died and the car was stuck in probate before the body shop finally got it out of there, unfinished.

    And that's where I came in...and where you come in. Ive been reading in this forum since the day I got the car and I am really impressed with the wealth of knowledge here and also the great spirit of willingness to help.

    I look forward to getting to know some of you better, and I will definitely be reaching out for advice and sharing stories and pictures as I work on my Studebaker. I plan to just go slow, just make it driveable at first and then a frame off resto much later. I wanna drive her and get to know if her a bit first.

    Well thats all for now.

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    Nice find! The 1956 Golden Hawk is one of my very favorites. Does it still retain the Packard V8 engine? There are many club and forum members in Washington that repair and have parts for these cars, so you should do very well. Good luck with it!
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      Everyone: Please try to respond to this on his Other Identical/Duplicate String that has more help Posts.
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        Yes, please! I dont know how this duplicate happened and i dont know how to delete it!