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Eastern Tennessee - White '60 Lark - found...sadly

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  • Eastern Tennessee - White '60 Lark - found...sadly

    All East Tennessee Studebaker drivers, please keep your eyes peeled for a 1960 white Lark in the photo below.

    Pulled into a Pilot fuel station in Dickson, Tennessee last Thursday and introduced myself to the owner. The car was his sons, his son passed and he wanted to keep it for his grand kids because they liked the car. He did not know the Studebaker Drivers Club existed, so I told him about it. He was in a hurry to leave so I did not get to talk long.

    Car is a '60 V8/auto deluxe two door sedan. Original interior (grey vinyl and cloth) with a white sand exterior. If you see the car and owner, introduce yourself and let him know that there are a lot of us out here and encourage him to join the local club.

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    That is an excellent appearing car and a V8 to boot.
    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

    SDC member since 1968
    Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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      Originally posted by studegary View Post
      That is an excellent appearing car and a V8 to boot.
      It definitely was that - he was being hurried along and I did not get to look under the hood or open a door - he said the mileage was original (think it was 32K or 22K). It had a repaint (and sadly the door needs a dent and scratch removed - he did not realize the fenders on the trailer folded down and forced his way out the drivers door causing some damage) but the interior looked to be beautifully original.

      I am also glad he talked long enough for me to help him with the trailer. He only had the passenger side front wheel strapped down. I showed him that you could slide the ratchet system over to line up with the front tire, we tightened it down, and off he went.


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        Well, I got the impression that the new owner was not too impressed with having a Studebaker but was hoping it was just the work needed to get it going - now looks like it is for sale - guess I under-priced my 60S-W4 back in the fall at $5000...


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          I'll be very impressed if the car sells at that price. My thoughts are that the owner is using eBay to determine what the market values the car. He might not even want to sell it. Although, I would have listed it with a low starting price and a ridiculous hidden reserve.
          John Clary
          Greer, SC

          SDC member since 1975


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            Originally posted by jclary View Post
            I'll be very impressed if the car sells at that price.
            Agreed - took me more than a month to sell my '60 - but luckily it found a good home...


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              So how does one get the SNM to "certify" a car, as the seller claims?
              Mark L


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                If the recent owner bought it from the Old Folks that bought it new or their family for $4500.00 to $5000.00, he's entitled to make 1000 or 1500 to flip it, but $17,000.00? I don't THINK SO.

                Right, the Museum doesn't "Verity or Certify" Mileage OR the Car, only the data that goes with the Car Serial Number you give them.
                Second Generation Stude Driver,
                Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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                  Auction info doesn't say whether it runs, or more importantly whether it stops. No pics of interior except for dashboard, no pics of engine bay or trunk. No close-ups of body and trim. Lots of red flags here, for me at least, to even think about bidding on this car (if I was in the market).
                  Winston-Salem, NC
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                    Starting Bid at $22,000 holy guac batman.

                    Hope he gets a pretty penny for it cause that means the price of studebakers is going up but that also means the price of studebakers is going up

                    It is a very next car though

                    1961 Lark Regal VIII 259/auto -- Lucy


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                      6 pictures and none of them the body (firewall tag) nor the chassis (pillar) plate to correlate with the build sheet?? - not a great way to kick off an auction with an outrageous price.

                      The reason I asked about Lark VI engine paint earlier this week is I've put a deposit on a very nice 56,xxx mile 1st series Lark. Very base model which I prefer - but at less than $10K and from a dealer who is certainly entitled to take a margin of profit.

                      This is just one person's opinion but $22000 to start? C'mon. The Studebaker market has not just decided to wake up and be pricey anytime soon.


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                        Boy oh boy, for $22000 that guy has "balls." It's a nice car, but way overpriced in my humble opinion.
                        '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
                        Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club


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                          Well, whoever drove that car for 13,000 miles had very nervous hands as there's no paint on the rim of that steering wheel. Hmmmm. Also grey cloth with a brown dash? Not as I've ever seen. Rather curious.


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                            He was probably turned down by BaT.


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                              A number of years ago Mary and I were on site when a beautiful first gen Lark was rolled out of the garage of the original owner and put on the trailer for a trip to the new owner's property. The car had less then 4K miles on it, and it showed the results of the good care that it had over the last 50+ years. It was a 6cyl car, but it was truly a museum piece. I knew that the car did not fit in with the new owners tastes. Sure enough he put it on the market and sold it to a local GI who had it shipped to Guam. He was quite proud of being able to buy the car for less then $5 and sell it for $12+. He did not make it available to the Studebaker community before he sold it, but having said that I doubt that very many of us would have been willing to pony up the $12K. At $5K I would have been interested, but anything over $10K was too much then.

                              The market value on the "ugly duckling" has move up slightly, but the overall car market, at best, is stagnant. I doubt that the car will garner anything other then a nuisance bid at this asking price. By the way the afore mentioned Lark is now in a museum in China. So what do I know?