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Silly Supercharger Idea :-)

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  • Silly Supercharger Idea :-)

    I gave my engine compartment a wash this morning and used my Black and Decker electric leaf blower to assist drying out. ~~~~~~~~Well that thing blows a LOT of air! Why not set it in the engine compartment, wire it up to work on 12V and Duct Tape it to the air cleaner? :-). Sounds very “Red Green” but in some silly way it Could work! >>>now “I know better” and this is a Humor Posf ;-)

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    64V19816.... well, Frieburger and another guy from Hot Rod magazine have already beat you to it !


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      HaHaHa Yupper Two Gas Blowers! Having humped one around on my back doing golf course maintenance last summe, there’re not too heavy. yupper that’s a Big Wind! Very cool the idea “works”, seems in a way a concept to be developed to give small engines more low end power.


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        This idea is already well underway . Google : Electric Turbo , and you'll see .
        Reputable companies like Garret, and others are into it .

        Here is a video of an actual installation on a Chevy Cavalier using a kit available now .

        They show dyno numbers and a road test of sorts . The individuals doing it are....well,... they are what they are.

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          There was an entire episode of Road Kill where the hosts equipped a car with at least two leaf blowers installed in the back of the car and the air hoses plumbed to the engine. They ran the car at the Ohio Mile. Kooky but interesting.
          Ed Sallia
          Dundee, OR

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            I believe that at one point, Dick Datson experimented with this during his belt drive turbo days.