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Cost to rebuild a 289

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    Originally posted by rbarvai View Post
    My 64 Daytona's 259 engine is tired, needs a valve job and probably more. I have a 289 that came with the car when I bought it a few months ago, and I'm thinking of swapping out the 259 for the 289. I have no idea what the condition of the 289 is and would certainly want to have it rebuilt before swapping.

    Before I go this route, I'd like some idea of a typical cost to rebuilt one of these engines. I realize it will depend on a number of factors, but what would be a reasonable range to consider? This will help determine whether I go ahead with the project.

    Thanks, Rich
    Rich back in 1995 I had my R-1 rebuilt............the total cost was $3,000.00


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      I realize what I paid for a complete overhaul, plus reworking of the cooling system which caused the engine to fail after only 15k miles on the rebuild, at 10k total, is far beyond the numbers seen here, but this is Long Island, a great place to live, but more expensive than many other areas. It's now been bored out to .060 and has plenty of power. Such is the life of an old car owner, I suppose.
      peter lee


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        Plee You know you could have taken that car loaded it on a trailer hauled it a couple hundred miles and saved thousands.


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          There are a lot of good Studebaker Venders in our club. some advertise in Turning Wheels and some do not. If you are having difficulty choosing read about my work at my website.
          I keep an inventory of Long blocks in stock and am fairly close to you. My contact information is on the web page.


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            Originally posted by 6hk71400 View Post
            Witmer's shop is a shop that I would want to take my car if I had to get repair work done. It is so clean and I don't see lots of used greasy parts lying around. If a shop keeps things clean and organized, I know the built would be great.

            Bob Miles
            My father in law knows him and I have meet him twice. Nice guy, very quite. He has a Golden Hawk that can shake the earth. There is a lot of engine work on that 352.

            His shop is always clean the times I have been there anyways. I keeping him in mind when I start to rebuild my 352 cause I hope to ask him some questions and maybe bring him some work if he would like it

            1961 Lark Regal VIII 259/auto -- Lucy